Friday, 12 April 2013

The Fallen Star

The full moon shone brightly in the night summer sky,stars twinkled  like a million fairy lights  Marisa Rocky and Alex were looking at the night sky at midnight in Samoa at the Lake until they saw shooting star was coming pass straight...straight to the ground.

When the shooting star hit earth the whole realm shook  so the three friends went to look for the star so Alex the young wizard from
Thunder Strike was sensing where the star fell with her weird but cool powers so she said “I can feel the power of the special star near Marisa’s house”. The kind of girl that’s like a reasonable lawyer and her parents had a lot of $money
Soon they visited Marisa’s house and found the star at the back of her house a very blue star.It was a very large star but it didn’t matter to Alex. It was as big as a hot air balloon on a summers day.

Later Alex used her powers to lift the star gently or if they squeezed it too hard the star will  turn to dust  so they took it to Rocky‘s place to do some tests and science stuff  on it since she was the smart weird one.
After the tests she told the other two that stars turn blue  when they’re sad and they shine really white and bright when they’re happy. but when they’re angry they turn red, so they found out stars have feelings but at the moment every star was blue since they can’t shine bright white unless every star was together like  a family.  So Alex sent the star back with her powers and as soon as the star returned back to the other stars they were shining so bright as if the friends were up high in heaven.
Then the  stars were safe in the sky and people were safe on earth as long as stars stayed up in the sky shining bright.
                                       THE END