Friday, 22 February 2013

Life Caravan

On Wednesday Room 7 walked down to the life caravan to talk about what's happening inside our bodies and how to keep our body healthy.When we got to the life caravan we met a lady named Jenny our teacher in the life caravan.
straight away we got one body part and got into groups and talked about the body part like who is the reporter and who is the surgeon.In my group I had Eseki Fotupule Keti and me.Our body part was the  Stomach the part of the body that digests the food but if you eat to much your Stomach will expand and stretch and to keep it healthy eat  fruits and vegetables.
After talking about the parts of our body inside we watched a movie about making decisions. 
The movie started with a girl named Anna playing netball with her friends at school,she was really good at netball.After the game Anna's friends wanted to go to the skate park but Anna had to listen to her parents and go to see her sister but her friend were pressuring her to come to the skate park ad saying put downs so Anna had a little think and disobeyed her parents.
When they got to the skate park her friends were smoking and acting like it was cool.Next Anna's friends told her to try a smoke.But Anna's mind was saying no but her friends are saying to do it.She ended up taking it.Then they got in trouble by the teacher.So they went home to get dressed for the Disco tonight.When Anna arrived she brought a packet of smoke with her and she showed her friends.One of her friends said"Come lets go at the back cause we won't get caught".So they went through to the back and started smoking but when this boy came to the back and saw her smoking he looked angry and surprised kind of so later she went inside ad sat down. Suddenly the boy came and sat next to her and told her he bad things about smoking and how his grandpa died from lung cancer.
After that she was wondering why she started smoking she didn't even like it.
Then two of her friends came back in and asked her to come outside and have a smoke but she said "no" then one f her friends joined her but her other friend said that she not friends with them any more and went outside alone upset looking at how much fun the others were having.
Later we were finished and went back to our class.
I learnt that you shouldn't do the wrong thing just because your friend told you to.