Friday, 20 November 2015

Financial Literacy

Today,on Friday 20th November 2015, Rachel from Financial Literacy came back to our class, but today we were learning about identity theft and how our identity is very important.

When Rachel was here she told us about forms of identification from the,government and others that aren't from the government.Forms of identification from the government were birth certificates,passports and your drivers licence while other forms that were non-government issued were student ID's,employee work ID's and a library card.

Then we talked about how people can steal your identity by knowing your date of birth,where you live and knowing your pin number and others.So we thought of some ways you could keep your identity safe which were

-Don't share it with anyone
-Put your ID in a safe
-Make sure you know where your ID is
-Don't share your pin ID
-Don't get pay wave

Once we were finished with that we were done with the programme and it was time for Rachel to go.

I thought that this session was very important and I learnt that I should keep my identity in a safe place and be careful with it.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Financial Literacy

Today on Wednesday 18th November 2015 we had a visit by an accountants,named Rachel.While Rachel was here she told us some important information about being creditworthy.She had told us that creditworthy is being a responsible person that borrows money or something and gives it back when they say.It is also about lending money or something to someone you know and trust,Not a stranger,you don't even know.But we were told,that sometimes things don't get returned back so you could sometimes lose your trust in that person.So we all thought of some ideas to gain trust which were
-Make more Frequent money
-Pay on Time
-Pay back extra
-Be Honest

Once we were done with saying some ideas we wrote down some people we could trust on a piece of paper and then our session was finished.

I thought that the session with Rachel was very important and this information could help me in the future.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Wellington Trip

On Wedenesday the 1st of October I found out that I was going on a trip to Wellington with my Grandparents and other family members.The other family members were my 2 older aunties,3 younger aunties and 3 older uncles.My great uncle, Basil, planned to go to Wellington to get some of   his family's stuff including his stuff.Uncle Basil,got a trailer and hired a van with 12 seats,for us to go to Wellington.

We started our road trip to Wellington at 10:00 pm,with me deciding to sit at the back,next to my 2 younger aunties.At the back I talked a bit with my aunties and made everyone laugh when my uncles and I did some funny jokes.

While we were going down to Wellington we had some pit stops to use the bathroom and slept sometimes on the way.Sometimes after we slept we would wake up again look outside and listen to music but then start telling jokes again.

We spent the whole night going to Wellington but made it to Wellington at 8:00 on Thursday.

I felt that going to Wellington was fun because I got to be with a lot of family members and thought my 2 uncles jokes were funny.

Coromandel Trip

On Wednesday 30th September 2015 my family took a 2 hour trip down to Coromandel with some friend's that asked us to come.The friends that led us to Coromandel were Martin,Feto and Feto's 3 kids.

We started our drive down to Coromadel at 8:00,after filling up the two cars with petrol.We got out of Auckland very quickly and started seeing alot of farms around.At the farms we saw a lot of cows and I think we even some brown bulls.

In maybe an hour we stopped at this place where we ate some breakfast since we didn't have any before we left.For breakfast we had sandwiches made by Martin and some bread my mum got from Baker's Delight.

After we ate we continued our drive until we reached a place in a Coromandel, called Karangahape.At Karangahape we saw a big,tall mountain in front of us immediately knowing that we were up for a long walk.We packed three pieces of fruit and some snacks in all our our bags,made sure we had water and wore a sun hat.

Before we started our walk, all us kids, were stopped by Martin and were told it's all about gold today.Martin then told us that Kangahape was a  factory where people worked with gold,that they found in mines,but got burnt down back in the days.We then walked across two wobbly bridges and started our journey up the mountain.

We firstly came across some really big steal,metal parts from the factory.The parts were old but at the same time looked like it was still good to use.We looked at the parts for a few minutes but then continued our walk.

After that we kept walking and came pass a shaft tunnel but found it was locked so we kept walking until we came across a mine cart.The mine cart was very big and was to transport gold from one place to another.The mine cart could even tilt so the gold the people found could slide out easily.But then we started walking again.

Our next stop was at a mine tunnel that we decided to go in once everyone was together and ready.In the tunnel we didn't find any gold,but only saw rocks and puddles of water.We walked on for a long time with a torch to be the only light to guide us.Sometimes we even came across dead ends and took another path.The tunnel seemed really dark and long and seemed to go on forever but we made it to the other side in the end.

We kept walking to this other place which wasn't really far,but only found that it was locked and so we stopped and had a little snack.But then we turned around and walked back into the mine tunnel and found our way back out.Finding our way back seemed easier and faster since there was only one path that went straight out.

Once we were done in the tunnel we kept walking up and made it to this really really ENORMOUS wall  which seemed to be the top of the whole factory.The wall was so big that the part we saw was only half of the wall.Around there we found this place where the workers cleaned the gold and separated it from the dirt and rocks stuck to it.

Soon after looking at that stuff we walked back to where we started, and ate some small lollies from Martin.We all then started walking again and went pass this river that had really clear water and made it to this very long,dark tunnel.The long dark tunnel was where a train use to run through.

We started our walk through the really long tunnel and came across some water leaking from the top and some gold liquid.I touched the gold liquid and it just stuck to my finger and looked at it and then tried wiping it off,on the wall.But what was funny,was that even though I tired wiping the gold stuff off I made it worse and added some black substance on top.So I decided to just leave it there and continue walking until we reached the end.

Then all of us walked on for a long time in the tunnel trying to scare each other by screaming loud and hearing our echos.We made to the end of the tunnel finally,but we were still not finished with our walk and had to go all the way back to the car park.

When we were finished at the tunnel we had a drink of water and continued our walk in the hot sun.When we were walking back I walked fast because I was kind of tired and hot from the burning sun.But not too long later I saw the bridge that we crossed and realised we were close to the carpark.

We were soon  near the bridge so I took a short cut,crossed the bridge and finally finished the walk.Everyone else behind me caught up a few seconds after and then all washed our hands for some lunch.

After we all then finished our lunch we took off and drove all the way back to Auckland.

I felt that it was cool that we got to go to Coromandel and thought that it was cool because I learnt a bit about the Karangahape Factory.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Shopping with Grandparents

Yesterday on Tuesday 29th September my Grandparents,my sister and I went shopping for some stuff for our school camp.

My Grandparents firstly took us to Dress-mart in Onehunga to get us some sport shoes from New Balance.We took a few minutes looking for some shoes but then finally chose our pairs we wanted.My sister chose one pair that had the colours purple and white,I chose one pair that had the colours white,blue and pink

Next we went looking for some sunglasses which didn't take long because only two shops down we found some sunglasses.The sunglasses we saw weren't very expensive so we bought some for my sister and grandma because I said I'd just borrow some.

After that we drove to the warehouse at Sylvia Park to look for some swim wear and some socks.My sister and I just picked some blue swim shorts and picked some white socks.Then my Grandpa brought our stuff,ended our shopping and then went home.

At home my sister and I thanked my Grandparents for buying us some stuff for camp.

I felt very happy that my Grandparents helped us to get our camp stuff and thought that it was very nice of them.

My Monday Afternoon

On Monday 28th September it was a nice sunny afternoon,while I was with my grandparents driving to shops walking in and out of looking for some oils.

At the shops we couldn't find anything and we started to get hungry,so my Grandpa drove his car straight to Macdonald's.My Grandpa order all three of us 2 big macs each,and then drove straight to Western Springs, to go and eat our lunch.

At Western Springs we were just walking to this area where nothing was in site,but then suddenly I see a rabbit hopping around.So I  walked a little bit closer to have a better look,but then it got scared and hopped away into a bush.I then turned around and then "Oh no!" a hungry chicken was running straight for me but luckily slowed down.

Soon we made it to our seats said a short prayer and ate our delicious food.But it was annoying, and funny at the same time knowing that the chicken came back with another chicken, and a few pukekos trying to take our food.One of the chickens even pecked my Grandma's napkin when she was just peacefully wiping her hands.

We all finished our burgers at the same time so I said thank you to my Grandpa and told him about seeing a rabbit.But right at that moment, we all suddenly stopped talking because on the other side of the park there were a lot of rabbits hopping around. We even saw a few little cute baby rabbits and some colourful birds flying around.

My Grandparents and I then walked closer to the animals and tried to get a better look,but just seemed to scare them away.Even though we scared them away I found out the hole that the rabbits were living in.So when I come back I'll know where they'd be hiding.

Not too long later we all walked back to the car and drove to Pak'n Save and bought some food and  looked for the oils my Grandpa needed,but couldn't find any.So we bought the food and went back to my Grandparents house.

We spent the rest of the day at my Grandparents waiting for my aunty Clare who was studying or at University with her friend.

I felt happy and thought that it was a nice day with my Grandparent,plus it was pretty cool seeing all the animals.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Persuasive Writing (Uniforms)

I strongly agree with the statement: Uniforms should be worn at our a school.

Uniforms should be allowed at our school. When you wear your uniform it represents your school and it tells other people what school you go to.We look proud, smart and tidy when we’re wearing our uniform. We stand out in the crowd when we're our uniform.

Uniforms are also something that you don’t need to worry about everyday. When you get ready for school, you just put your uniform on instaed of running around looking for some clothes to wear.You don’t need to stress when you have a uniform.

Washing your clothes again and again can be a problem sometimes. People usually choose to just wear their clothes and throw it in the washing.This causes the power bill to increase and more of your money gets lost.But with your uniform you just hang it up and wear it again the next day.Your uniform saves you and your parent some money.

Sometimes we go on school trips and it is possible that you might get lost. If one of the students get lost and they're wearing our uniform, it makes it easier to find the student.Having the school's name and logo on the uniform makes it easier to be found. Uniforms help us when we get lost

I feel that uniforms should be worn at schools and are neat and tidy clothes that make schools stand out.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Kiwi Can

Today we had Kiwi Can with Mr Numia,and I came in when we were starting this distraction game.The game was about distractions and trying to be focused on all people.The game included 4 people and 1 person in the middle.On the outside the 4 people were either drawing a shape on the middle persons back (The person in the middle had to guess the shape),telling a story,asking questions that had to be answered and with someone in front that the middle person had to copy.

When it was my turn to focus on everyone I found it really hard.The person I had to copy was Melenaite and she was going all over the place,Dallas asking me questions,trying to guess the shape Fine was drawing and trying to listen to Erina telling me a story.

It was all just very confusing but after playing that game we all gathered in a circle and talked about how hard it was to focus on everything in the game.We then talked about our topic which was dealing with hard challenges.Kiwi Can then gave us our points which was really good,since we got 25 out of 25.After our points we all lined up and went back to class.

I felt that Kiwi Can was fun and learnt that it’s not that easy to keep track of everything when everyone’s talking to you at once.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Early English Migration - Quiz

This week I have been reading some sites based on Early English Migration so I decided to do a quiz.

Here is the Link
Early English Migration Quiz Link

Friday, 7 August 2015

A New Song in the Land - Quiz

For a few months Mrs Tofa has been reading a novel to our class called the A New Song In the Land.So we decided to do a small quiz about the book.

Here is the link for the quiz

Friday, 31 July 2015

Room 10 Child Abuse

Today I asked all the students in my class about what they think about child abuse and they each had different opinions.

Here they are

Reasons (What they think)
I think that children should be put in foster homes because they’ll get better care.
And maybe the parents were abused in the childhood so that might be the only behaviour that they know.
Parents should understand that the kids are just kids.They shouldn't give the kids a hiding,but they can just ground the kids.Children should ask for help if there in a dangerous situation,and children that get abused really badly should be heard by the public so they can help stop child abuse.
I don’t think that it’s good because some children are getting injured badly
I think it’s bad because you’re getting abused by parents and the parent is just hurting the child.
No,I think it’s bad because you’re getting abused and getting hidings. Sometimes you get abused so bad you get deaf.
It’s bad because kids end up in hospital.Sometimes they use the wire,belt,wooden,spoon and stick.Sometimes you get punched in the face
Yes,it’s bad because I feel sorry for them
I think child abuse is wrong and it shouldn't be happening.Because children are getting injured or seriously hurt.
I don’t want it to happen
The government should make up a rule so adults can not abuse younger sibling.
It is very dangerous because people get badly injured
No,I want child abuse to stop because it might continue through generation
Parents should be separated from their kids and the parents should be taken to a mental hospital.
I think it’s bad.why? would people hit their child.
I think sad and unfair that children get abused
It’s very bad if you hurt kids because if you do you should go to jail,your whole life,until you die.
It is very wrong because it leads to death and murder
I think it’s not good to smack little kids
I think it’s bad because if one person does it and then another will follow and it’ll just keep going
It’s bad because it’s just bad
Danny Joe
I think it’s bad and they should get arrested for doing and be in jail their whole life.
It’s bad for kids because they come to school with bruises and cuts on their bodies.
It’s good for children because you learn from your hiding and you never do it again
it’s bad because children get hurt

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Lunch Time

At lunch time today after eating our lunch,a few of my friends came together and played a game of handball.We played 2 against 2 with all of us playing by the rules.In our game we used the tennis ball and did some tricks like skimming and stuff.While we were playing a teacher decided to join us and play.We then continued playing and started laughing and joking around with each other.At times we would also get all hyped up when we were still in the game playing,but when we lost the person that lost would make a joke and we’d all start laughing.We played this game until the bell rang and went back to class.

I felt that playing handball was fun and funny with my friends

Monday, 20 July 2015

Q Rabbits - My Holiday

I was just in the sitting room with my siblings peacefully watching TV until out of no where my mum comes in switches the tv off.Then my mum shouts get ready we're going to the birthday!!!.What,who’s birthday questions start to develop in my head so I think,for moment and it was my mum’s friend’s sister’s daughter’s Birthday,Amira.She was turning 5 and prepared her birthday at Q Rabbits.Q Rabbits was a place that was kind of like chipmunks.

Once I realised who’s birthday it was I had a quick shower and rushed into my room to get ready.I then looked at everyone else they were already in the car.So I rushed into the car and we drove straight to Q Rabbits.

We arrived at our destination in around 40 or 50 minutes and found everyone getting some food in to the place.So we went to help them and then went to play on the bouncy slides and on these obstacle courses for a bit.We played until they called us to come and eat.

In a few minutes we were then called to come to sing Happy Birthday to Amira.We all sang the song while Amira was sitting in her chair with a big smile on her face.After singing some of her family members said some short speeches and then said a short prayer.

We all then got some delicious food.There were pizza’s some bbq,some pork,chicken potato salad,taro and lots more.When I got my food a put a lot on my plate and sat with my sister.We ate lots of food.But we finished in a few minutes,said thanks,had a little rest and then got back on our feet and then went off to play.

My sister and I straight away went back to the slide and played tiggy. It.It was pretty fun playing tiggy because sometimes when we climbed to the top we would just slip back down on the slide.We played tiggy for a long time but I think I was mostly in,because I was the one the mostly kept slipping down the slide.

After that long game we went to this place where there were lots of guns with these balls that you could shoot at people like bullets.In that area my target was geting my little sister.I got her alot of times.Pow in the back,pow in the shoulder and the other shoulder.I basically got her alot but at times I got my brother’s friend Danny,my brother and even my mum.But no one got hurt we just laughed alot.

Later I visited another slide but it was longer.So in my head I was very excited until I hopped onto it and SLI------,I stopped the slide wasn’t that slippery.Instead of sliding I just did a 2 flips and made my self slide down to the end but it was fun.I even decided to go again.

Soon after that we were called to come go home because Rabbit Q was closing plus it was pretty late.So we all went got some food,said thank you,then goodbye and went back with some delicious food.

At home we ate some pizza,left the other food for my dad and then went to sleep.I felt that Amira’s birthday was fun and cool because we played around a lot and we ate a lot of yum food.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Maths Magician

Today I did some more maths on Maths Magician.I decided to try something a little bit harder,my 9 times tables.I thought that I did great on my 9 times tables because I got a 100%.

Screenshot from 2015-07-08 21:22:57.png

The Doctors

On Tuesday my family went to the doctors after my dad was finished at work.We went to the doctors for a check up and some medications.

My Dad finished work at 1:00 pm and we were all ready to go.At the doctors my mum told the reception lady who was seeing the doctor and other information she had to give them.The rest of us joined the other people waiting and took a seat on the chairs.

While we were waiting for the doctors to call our name we just talked a little or played a game. But the talking and hand games got boring after a while so we sat silently and stared at the walls waiting for a doctor to call our names.  

A very long time later our names were finally called and we straight away we followed the doctor that called us.The Doctor firstly weighed us and then we each went up to tell her the problem or what we needed.My Mum and Tini went for a check up because she said they felt sick the week before.My mum also said she had a sore throat and asked the doctor if she could check her throat politely. My.My mum was luckily fine and the same went for Tini. My.My sister was then up but she just told the doctor she had a runny nose and was then given some medicine.All that I needed was some cream for my exzma and that was it.

After we were done at the doctors,we saw that it was starting to get dark.So we went to Pak N Save did a bit of shopping and then came home,had a shower then all went to bed.

I thought that going to the doctors was good but I felt really tired at the end of the day.

Maths Magician

Today I went back on to Maths Magician and tried my 8 timetables again.At the end of my maths magician test I realised that I had gotten better with my 8 timetables and ended the game with an outstanding %100.I thought that my session on Maths Magician was great for me today but I also think I did better because I was really focused.


Monday Morning

In the morning on Monday we all stayed home except for my dad,he had to go work.

While the rest of us were at home we got up out of our beds and did some cleaning.My sister did the dishes,my Mum and Fasi cleaned Fasi’s Room,I cleaned up the sitting room while my little brother Tini was playing with his toys.Most of us finished cleaning except for Mum and Fasi. Fasi’s room was really messy so I helped Fasi with folding the clothes on his bed and my mum vaccumed.A few minutes later we were soon finished with Fasi’s room and we were happy but my mum also told Fasi to keep his room clean in a serious tone.

When we were finally done with the cleaning my mum went to relax.The rest of us went to the sitting room and watched some movies while we waited for our dad to come home.That was pretty much most of the morning.

I felt that my morning was kind of busy but I was happy that everything was clean in the end.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Emperor's New Clothes

On Saturday my family went to the ASB show grounds and watched a play that was called ‘The Emperor's New Clothes’.

The play was about a selfish Emperor that loved nothing more than clothes and spent all his money on clothes.  When the Emperor ran out of money he would tax the people and use their money to  buy more clothes. But then suddenly these two bandits went to the Emperor and pretended to be tailors that did the best clothes.The bandits then lied about making amazing clothing, with their final design being nothing. But that whole time the bandits were pretending to do the Emperor’s clothing the Emperor just sat on a chair admiring himself in the mirror.The two tailors then lied some more to the Emperor by saying he  looked amazing but he really just looked like a suit-less emperor. Then the Emperor walked out into the world showing off his clothes, but then suddenly feeling ashamed and humiliated he realised he wasn't wearing a suit.The Emperor then really sad but then his wife came up to him and said “it’s not about what you wear or look like it’s about who you are” making the Emperor happy.

That was when everyone in the play were happy.In the end they all came together and sang “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga and finished the show off with all the characters bowing.

I felt that the show was great because it taught the audience taught you that you should

happy the way you are.
Image result for the emperor's new clothes

Friday, 12 June 2015

MADD Workshop

We were just in class doing our normal routine until suddenly our Principal Miss Elia announced that MADD was here through the intercom.Miss Elia also mentioned that it was our last session.

Once Miss Elia finished talking we all lined up outside quickly and walked straight to the hall where we said hi to Petia.We then sat down and listened to Petia. Petia firstly asked us about what we've learnt about through all our sessions.

We all then took a time to think about what we did and we came across a lot of things.In our sessions we talked about knowing who you are,knowing that you’re special,to be proud of your culture,we all have talents and skills,we all are smart in different ways and not to be easily offended,instead understand their personality type and learn to work together.

While we were talking about we were discussing about what we learnt in our sessions Petia was passing along these cards and a key ring.We were each given 6 cards that explained everything that we did and learnt with MADD workshop.The key ring was there to link all the cards together.Petia said if we ever feel down just look at the cards he gave us and remember that we are all special.

Soon after we were finished with the cards Petia said who is a very smart superhero and we all said lots but he drew Iron Man.The picture Petia drew a very cool picture of Iron Man.When Petia was done drawing we all took a closer look,gave Petia a high five and then said bye before we all left.

I felt kind of sad that it was the last time we were going to have our MADD session but also happy that I learnt a lot of things during all the sessions.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Glenbrae KIDS

Glenbrae KIDS
It was a cold rainy Monday morning,and we just found out that we were going to Glenbrae KIDS an Early Childhood Centre and see all the little kids.The walk to the Childhood Centre took only a few minutes and we were there.When I walked into the classroom it was very silent,all the little kids were already prepared and sitting on the mat.

Before we started everything our class, Room 10 sang a small song.The song we sang was “If you’re Happy and you know It”.As we were singing the other kids did the actions that went with the song.

Once we were done with the song we grabbed a partner and picked a childhood centre child and went away to do some activities. Keti and I were partners.We chose a little boy named Logan.When we took him to play with us he seemed a little bit shy so we talked to him for a little bit and then read him a story we picked out from the library.

As we were reading the book a little boy named Jay-jay joined us.The story was finished very quickly so we took Logan and Jay-jay to play with the toy dinosaurs.Playing with the dinosaurs made the two little boys laugh a lot so we were at the dinosaurs for a while.

When we finished playing with the dinosaurs we played a little game of tag.Soon after tag we all were called to go sit on the mat.We all sat on the mat very quickly and it began to be silent.The kids were going to present a small song to us.The kids presented a Samoan song since it was Samoan Language Week.

After their presentation we said bye and went back to class.

I thought that it was fun at the Glenbrae KIDS childhood centre because I got play around with the little kids

World War 2 Report

World War 2 Introduction
World War 2 is another war that happened and it happened 21 years after World War 1  

Why World War 2 Started?
World War 2 happened 70 years ago in 1939.This war started by German man named Adolf Hitler,the leader of the Nazi.This German man and his Nazi army attacked Poland first and wanted to take over the word .The war then came to life when France and Britain declared war on Germany.France and Britain declared war because of Hitler refused to stop his invasion in Poland.

Which Countries Fought?
The countries that fought on with Hitler were the Axis powers.The Axis powers had the countries,Germany,Italy and Japan.While on the other side were the Allies.The Allies fought against Hitler.The countries Britain, France, Australia,Canada, New Zealand, India, the Soviet Union, China and the United States of America.

Where did World War 2 take place?
World War 2 took place in a few places.They fought in Russia,Europe,Africa,Pacific Ocean,Asia,Middle East,Scandinavia,Mediterranean Sea,Atlantic Ocean,South-east Asia.

When and why World War 2 Ended?
World War 2 lasted for 6 years from 1939 to 1945.The Axis Power surrendered on the 8th of May 1945 just a week after Adolf Hitler shot himself and committed suicide.On the 8th of May 1945 was Victory Day for Europe to celebrate the end of World War 2.


The Great Wars come to Life
Each soldier destroyed by strife
The light starts to fade
and the dark starts to shade
There’s no where to hide and nowhere to run
Too late the war had already begun
Bombs, guns and weapons go off and kill
as you see the soldiers suddenly lay still
A month then turns into long years
seems like no end to all the tears
All Memories being destroyed
No where you can avoid
BOOM and you're done.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Comparisons - World War 1 and 2

World War 1 and 2 have a difference between each other with the year.World War 2 lasted for 6 years from 1939 to 1945 and World War 1 started 1914 and ended in 1918.So World War 2 had lasted longer.The Great Wars also have similarities too.

World War 1 had to have a reason to start and this is what happened.World War 1 started when Gavrilo Princip,a Serbian man killed not just Archduke Franz Ferdinand but his wife too.After Archduke Franz Ferdinand was gone Gavrilo Princip,Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s country swore to avenge him and World War 1 came to life.When you thought there would be no more wars a few years later World War 2 started.It was started by a German man named Adolf Hitler,the leader of the Nazi’s.This German man and his Nazi army wanted more land and attacked Poland.Then France and Britain declared war on Germany.France and Britain declared war because of Hitler refused to stop his invasion in Poland.

World War 1 and 2 had lots of countries fighting.In World War 1 these countries Britain, France, Russia, Italy and the United States fought against Central Powers which included Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria.In World War 2 there were Allies fighting which included Britain, France, Australia,Canada, New Zealand, India, the Soviet Union, China and the United States of America.The Allies were fighting against the Axis Powers which included Germany, Italy and Japan

The Great Wars took place in lots of places.World War 1 took place in Europe,Africa,Middle East and Asia.World War 2 took place in a few places too.They fought in Russia,Europe,Africa,Pacific Ocean,Asia,Middle East,Scandinavia,Mediterranean Sea,Atlantic Ocean,South-east Asia.

In the Great Wars a lot of people died.In World War 1 it was estimated to be 10 million military dead,7 civilians dead,21 million wounded and 7.7 million missing or imprisoned.World War 2 it had the same problem and over 60 million died and estimated 50-80.38 to 55 million civilians were killed including 13 to 20 million from war related disease and famine

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Math Summary

On Thursday my group,the triangles did some fraction problems with Mrs Raj.

Doing maths with Mrs Raj was fun but sometimes I got confused. But once everyone shared their strategy and how they got the answer I realised that I would have missed something out when I was solving the problem.Once I realised that I got the right answer.

Respect Poster

Rendered Image

Rendered Image
  • We look after ourselves and others
  • We are honest

Rendered Image
  • We are respectful,kind and helpful

Rendered Image
  • We are active listeners and confident speakers
  • We work hard and help each other to achieve

Rendered Image
  • We look after property

Rendered Image
  • We look after our environment