Friday, 18 September 2015

Persuasive Writing (Uniforms)

I strongly agree with the statement: Uniforms should be worn at our a school.

Uniforms should be allowed at our school. When you wear your uniform it represents your school and it tells other people what school you go to.We look proud, smart and tidy when we’re wearing our uniform. We stand out in the crowd when we're our uniform.

Uniforms are also something that you don’t need to worry about everyday. When you get ready for school, you just put your uniform on instaed of running around looking for some clothes to wear.You don’t need to stress when you have a uniform.

Washing your clothes again and again can be a problem sometimes. People usually choose to just wear their clothes and throw it in the washing.This causes the power bill to increase and more of your money gets lost.But with your uniform you just hang it up and wear it again the next day.Your uniform saves you and your parent some money.

Sometimes we go on school trips and it is possible that you might get lost. If one of the students get lost and they're wearing our uniform, it makes it easier to find the student.Having the school's name and logo on the uniform makes it easier to be found. Uniforms help us when we get lost

I feel that uniforms should be worn at schools and are neat and tidy clothes that make schools stand out.

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