Thursday, 30 April 2015

Tamaki College Reflection

On Tuesday the 28th of April 2015 all the year 8s in the Manaiakalani cluster were invited to go to Tamaki College.They invited the year 8s to go and see what life would be like when we started college in year 9.So it was kind of something that they did to get us ready for college.

I felt very nervous just walking in to Tamaki College.But when some other year 8s from my school and I got there it was early so we were told to come have a look in the library.The Tamaki library was a bit different from our library and I think it was a bit bigger too.

A while later the bell rang and we all gathered together in the Tamaki auditorium.Our school was there first but all the other schools started coming in not too long later.But just when we thought everyone was there,a teacher announced that there were still three schools to come.

The three schools took kind of long but they made it in the end.When everyone was finally here Mrs Moore,one of the teachers, talked a bit about what they do and how everything goes at Tamaki. Mrs Moore also talked to us about their house colours Puriri,Kowhai,Totara and Rata also saying to us have a good time.The Deputy Principal also said have a good time too.

After Mrs Moore and the Deputy Principal finished talking they gave us these name tags.Then divided us all in to groups with a student or 2  from Tamaki to help and show us around the place.The groups we were in had a combination of all schools.

Aarmione and I ended up in the same group.Our group leader from Tamaki was Michelle.Being in a group with different people caused me to be shy but luckily I had at least one person there I knew,Aarmione. Once.Once everyone got split into a group they went to there first class.

Our group went to lots of classes and did heaps of things like learning about reactions and product in science,a bit about Te Reo Maori in one class,some geometry in maths class even some sports.P.E was pretty fun for me because we played a very active game but as always fun things come to end so all the year 8s said bye to Tamaki college.

My experience at Tamaki was awesome, it helped me understand what college was like, I met some teachers, who were really nice, I hope to see them next year. I also learnt a few things or two about the subjects I did.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

MADD Diary

Today on 29th of April 2015 we went back to see Petia and started our MADD programme again.At our MADD Programme we started off with talking about what happened the last time we were with him.At our last session we were basically talking about skills and talents.We also talked about the difference between skills and talents.

After we were finished talking about our last session,Petia talked about different personalities and how sometimes you might not like someone until you know their personality.Then he drew shapes on a soft chalk board he had.The shapes he drew were a square,rectangle,triangle,circle and a squiggly shape that looked kind of like bacon.

Petia then told us to choose one shape and one shape only.He gave us a bit of time to choose but it didn't take very long.Everyone had finished picking the shape they liked very soon.It was now time for the squares to go to the squares,the circles to go to the circles,the triangles to go to the triangles and all the shapes to go to their area.

The shape I ended up at was the rectangles.There was only three of us Kyana -Lee,Joseph and I in rectangles.The other groups had a bunch of people. Petia then told us to read a paper he gave to each group leader.The paper talked about the shape they had and what kind of personality it expresses.All groups had to read and discuss about their shape they had,because after all that discussion it was time for everyone to present.

It was now time for us to present.The triangles went up first.The triangles talked about their shape.Their shape is a very confident kind of shape and is a shape that acts like leader.Next the circles.The circles talked about how their shape is a kind and caring shape.The squares then stepped forward and said that their shape was a hard working and very serious shape.The squiggly shape was now on and they were a shape that got distracted often but was very creative at the same time.Last was us the rectangles.The rectangles basically talked about how our shape experience new stuff.When our group was presenting I got really shy and said nothing so I felt very embarrassed at the end but I was ok later on.

Presenting was over and Petia talked to us about the Ninja Turtles and how they each have a different personality but they all work together as a team and are great heros. Leonardo is a triangle - the leader,Raphael is a square - hard working and serious,Donatello is a circle -kind and caring,Michelangelo is a squiggly shape - distracted but creative and Master Splinter is a rectangle - someone who experiences new stuff.  

Next Petia drew a superhero while we watched and listened to music.The super hero he drew was Batman.He drew Batman because he was someone the combined all the personalities and became all shapes.Batman is a leader,caring,hard working,creative and someone who experience new stuff.

Not to long later after Petia finished drawing we said bye and went back to class.

I felt that today's session was cool since we learnt about what a shape can express and more about our personalities.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Glenbrae School Respect

Glenbrae School students were asked to make a poster.The poster was to show that Glenbrae School show RESPECT.
Here is my poster.

ANZAC Research

Why did it start?
Within a month and a half,Europe's five major power were at war.This is how everything started. On June 28 Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria attended a military review - but while they were at the military Gavrilo Princip killed him and his wife both, a nationalist that wanted the Austro-Hungarian Empire out of Bosnia. When this happened to Franz Ferdinand of Austria his country swore to avenge him after his death.

Who were the countries in the WW1?
Britain,France,Russia,Italy and the United States fought against Central Powers.Central powers Germany,Austria-Hungary,Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria.

Where did WW1 take Place?
World War 1 took place in Europe,Africa,the Middle East and Asia

Why do we celebrate ANZAC Day?
ANZAC Day is celebrated in Australia and New Zealand on the 25th April.This ANZAC Day is more of a day of remembrance to remember the ANZAC soldiers that went to war.The date actually marks the day of when the Australian and New Zealand soldiers landed in Gallipoli.

ANZAC Report

What ANZAC means and what it is?
ANZAC means Australian,New Zealand Army Corp and is an anniversary that happens every year on April 25th.This anniversary is to remember what the Australian,New Zealand Army Corp did for our country by fighting for us at Gallipoli in World War 1.The year they fought was in 1915.A Lot of people sacrificed their lives that year.The ANZAC soldiers worked together to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula.This year 2015 is a very big year for them too because it’s their hundredth anniversary.

How did the WW1 Start?
Europe's five major power were at war.This is how everything started. On June 28 Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria attended a military review - but while they were at the military Gavrilo Princip killed him and his wife, a nationalist that wanted the Austro-Hungarian Empire out of Bosnia. When this happened to Franz Ferdinand of Austria,his country swore to avenge him after his death.

How did the WW1 End?
Germany had had surrendered on November 11, 1918, and all nations had agreed to stop fighting while the terms of peace were negotiated. On June 28, 1919, Germany and the Allied Nations (including Britain, France, Italy and Russia) signed the Treaty of Versailles, formally ending the war.

How Hard was it for them?
ANZAC soldiers were decrypted by the war and agreed to help Britain to defeat the enemy.When they were in the war it wasn't easy for them.The food they ate were tough square biscuits that could break mans teeth and they only had a small proportion.Sometimes they would use the canned foods as bombs .It was the same with how much water they were allowed to drink too.The ANZAC soldiers could only have 1 bottle of water a day.

In the war lots of people got injured very badly.some Soldiers had lost a body part or got it torn apart by the enemy.There was a high number of head wounds in the war.There were arm injuries that were caused by explosive guns and weapons they used.Just 12% were hurt around the torso but not all soldiers made it to the hospital so their injuries weren't recorded.Getting hit in the legs happened very often and got recorded a lot.When the soldiers stood in the water for long periods the trenches caused an infection called trench foot.Trench foot is an infection that causes the flesh on the foot to decay and die.

Poppies represent ANZAC Day because it was the only plant that grew in the battle fields where ANZAC soldiers died.The plant was one of the first to grow and bloom in the mud and soil of Flanders.The poppy is like a plant that symbolises the Great War and how the ANZACs fought for us.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

My Holidays

In the holiday I was at my grandparents house mostly.At my grandparents house I would help with anything my Grandparents needed help with.Sometimes I would help my grandpa with fixing the stuff in the house or with the washing.Other times I would help my Grandma in the kitchen with something like the dishes or sweeping the floor.

If I was done helping them I would go downstairs.When I went downstairs I would go in My aunt Clare's room and use her laptop.While I'm on her laptop I would do a little blogging.Clare would help me check my work sometimes but at other times when I blogged I think she would have been sleeping. 

After blogging I would go to the shops with my grandparents while Clare looked after the house.At most times my grandpa would take us to Mitre 10 or Bunnings Warehouse to get some stuff for the room he was fixing.But if we didn't go to those places we would go to Pak'n Save to get some food and try to find the brown bottle with that liquid called eucalyptus.

Shopping would take a long time sometimes but we would finish eventually.When we were finished we would go home put everything away and then eat a little. Eating doesn't take long so we finished eating fast and did some more work.We would work until it was night time and everything was done.

When night time arrived we would finish off everything quickly.Time for us to now have a shower.We would then finish having a shower eat a little and then watch some television.My Grandma and Grandpa usually watched T.V upstairs while we watched T.V downstairs.But sometimes my Grandma came downstairs and watched T.V with us.

Upstairs my Grandparents would be watching a movie but down stairs we would go on youtube and watch Fresh Housewives of South Auckland or Laughing Samoans.Watching these shows would make us laugh and laugh.We watched these shows until we got tired.

Once we got tired we would brush our teeth and then go in bed and sleep.My Holidays was fun at my Grandparents house especially when we got to watch amusing programmes on youtube.

ANZAC Ceremony

Today 23rd April we had an ANZAC Ceremony.I thought it was very serious and different.The ceremony didn’t go on for that long.At the ceremony a man,Lieutenant Geoffrey said a few words.Lieutenant Geoffrey trained at the army.When Lieutenant was finished each class went to go put a cross in the ground.The crosses had ANZAC names on them.Voni put the last thing in the ground.

Our school then stood up and sang He Honore and then silently sat down.Leutaninant then said a short poem with us called Lest We Forget.As Lieautenant Geoffrey said Lest We Forget he said it very strongly and stood with pride.It was the same for when the Last Post played he stood very strong and looked very serious.When the Last Post played everyone was very silent.

After the Last Post all the junior classes went back to their classes quietly while the seniors walked to the hall to learn more about Lieutenant Geoffrey.In the hall he told us a little bit about him self and asked for any questions.Lots of people asked questions like did you fight?,or was it hard training?,Did you always win?.Lieutenant said yes to most of them but he said this question,Did you kill anyone? is hard to answer.Lieutenant said he has because it was his job.I think that Lieutenant didn’t want to kill anyone though.

We asked a lot of questions but then some people weren’t listening and asked questions that were already asked.That was when things started getting confusing so Mrs Raj brought the small assembly to an end.But before we all went back to our classes Voni said a few words to thank Lieutenant for coming.

I thought that it was awesome that a Lieutenant came to our school and talked about the army.I also learnt some new things about Lieutenant Geoffrey,the army and WWI and WWII.I also thought this ANZAC Ceremony was very quiet and serious.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

World War 2

Today on the 21st of April 2015 my teacher Mrs Tofa showed us a video of WW2.The Maori Battalion fought in that war 70 years ago.I found out that Pacific Islanders served the Maori Battalion too.In the war they only used a map and a compass to guide them and the pacific war was a very bloody war.Alot of people were decrypted by the war and sacrificed their lives.They also sang a samoan song that inspired a man to write a play about it.The play is called Goodbye My Feleni.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Math Magician

Today I went back on to math magician and tried my 8 timetables. As you can see I got a score of 90% which indicates that I'm not very good with my 8 timetables.I thought that todays math session wasn’t very good so I think I need to practice on my 8 timetables. I also think I was a bit slow. 
8 timestables.png

Grandparents House

Yesterday on Thursday the 16th I was at my Grandparents house and we straight away got ready to go shopping in the morning.

We firstly went to St Lukes to get some socks for me .On our way to St Lukes we saw Clare at the bus stop with her friends.Clare and her friends were waiting for the bus to go to the St Lukes library to study before going back university. We got to St Lukes fast. Looking for the aisle with socks was easy but looking for the right kind of sock for me took kind of long. My Grandpa would first say what about these socks and then he would look at the size. When he saw the size he would say oh it’s not the right size.Then we would look for other socks but it would be too expensive.But looking through all the socks we finally came to the right pairs.

When we were finished at St Lukes my Grandpa drove us to Pak’n Save to get some food and look for a small bottle that has a liquid in it called eucalyptus.My Grandpa really wanted that liquid and said that it helps with fevers or something like that.At Pak’n Save we got all our food but found out that the eucalyptus ran out so we went to a different area and tried another Pak’n Save.We found nothing at the next Pak’n Save we visited except that they ran out too.

After searching for the eucalyptus at Pak’n Save we went to  Bunnings Warehouse to look for some stuff to make some shelves in the room my Grandpa finished fixing.We didn’t find anything at Bunnings Warehouse but we did get some nails.

Then my Grandpa drove us all the way to my Grandma’s brother Uncle Tino and my Aunty Loma’s.They live in Takanini and it took forever to reach their place it felt like we were driving all the way down to Wellington.While we were on the motorway I think I was awake and asleep at the same time because the hot sun was kind of bothering me.

Finally we made it to Aunty Loma and Uncle Tino’s house but found out that Tino was gone.But it was ok because we just said hello, had a little talk and then Loma gave us the the buckets.So that was when we had to say bye to them and when we were back on the road.

On our way home my Grandpa tried another Pak’n Save but still found nothing.Then we went to this salvation army place but my Grandpa said that the shop we were in used to be a different kind of shop.We then went back home.At my Grandparents house we just put all the food away and I put my socks away in my bag.When we were finished putting the stuff away we did some cleaning.

Soon after cleaning we hopped back in the car and searched for the eucalyptus and tried countdown.He didn’t find anything there either.But we then went to this place to look for some things for the shelves.At that place we were at, we got the things we needed for the shelves so my Grandpa was happy.

I think we went to other places but I fell asleep after that I just remember waking up at Pak’n Save.My Grandpa just finished at Pak’n Save and I just saw him put the ice cream next to me.I think he was still looking for the eucalyptus but we still haven’t got anything.

Not long after Pak’n Save we reached home and did some more cleaning.When we were finished with cleaning I went for a shower.After my shower I got changed and put some cream on my face.

That was when Clare walked in,came down stairs and thought that I was using her facial mask.But then I was like “wait what this isn’t your facial mask it’s normal moisturizing cream” while laughing at the same time.She said that it looked green when she saw it so I then understood her.

It got dark very quickly so we just ate some food,watched some television and then went to hop back in bed and sleep.

I felt that,that day was kind of busy and exhausting but alright at the sametime. I think the best part of the day for all of us was going to sleep.

Current Events

Today on Friday the 17th of April this morning a log truck and it’s trailer rolled along Hawkes Bay Express. The accident caused logs to split on the road and block a highway that runs between Napier and Hastings. The New Zealand Transport Agency said that the truck lost the load when it met the Flaxmere Avenue roundabout.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Jewel's Birthday

On April the 11th 2015 we celebrated my now 9 year old aunt's Birthday, Jewel, at her house. The birthday started at 1:00 but some people came late.

My grandparents, sister Dora, aunty Clare and I were the first people there. So when we arrived Jewel her brothers and sister Sifu,Tololi and Pearl were the only ones there.Since we were the only ones there we all gathered in the sitting room while the adults were outside or in the kitchen cooking and talking.

In the sitting room we were bored so we just started talking about what they prepared for the birthday. But that topic got over really quickly and we just started making up jokes. The jokes were pretty good and that turned our frowns upside down.Then we all tried to act all cool showing off how high we could kick but we all just ended up getting in trouble. Getting in trouble was embarrassing for me because, I got everyone in trouble. I just did one kick and my grandma was a suspect that saw me and growled everyone.

After that embarrassing moment we settled down and made more jokes up until....KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK at the door. That was when Tololi told us to get down like we were soldiers at war. But it was only kids from their neighbors that they invited so Sifu opened the door. When they came in Tololi and Sifu introduced them to us. The name of the kids that just came in were Litimaia the oldest brother, Elisa the second oldest sister, another sister Lichelle the third child and the youngest brother,5 year old Jayden .But that was where it ended. It started to get  pretty awkward after they were introduced.We were just sitting there and looking around in a weird way.

But finally my aunt Clare started up a conversation. The first words that came out of Clare’s mouth,were,”your so cute” to Jayden which was kind of funny. Then we just started asking how old they were, and a little bit about them. Litimaia was 10,Elisa was 8,Lichelle was 7 and again Jayden was 5 years old.

Soon Jewel’s best friend from school, Sarai arrived so all the little kids went outside. Leaving Tololi,Sifu,Dora and I just doing nothing. Everyone did go back inside though but that was when we went outside and where we were told to stay. I thought that it was kind of unfair we had to stay outside because everyone was inside and we were then locked out doing nothing.

The only thing my uncles Tololi and Sifu were doing, was playing around on their mobile phones while my sister and I were just sitting there. So I said “Come on lets do something”. Then we ran up to the trampoline and started jumping on it .....for 5 seconds since Sifu just started talking about something that grossed me out.

Seconds later Litimaia came out and saved the day making Sifu stop talking which made me very relieved. Then we started talking about something else, when a playground was suddenly introduced to the conversation and that it was right next to us. I then turned to the side, saw the playground and then started saying ask if we could go there.

Everyone all of a sudden came out when I said to go ask the caregivers if we could go to the playground. But it was good timing plus it would’ve been boring if they didn’t come. When we were going to the playground it was so close but so far at the same time. When I say this I mean it was close but hard to get to the playground. The playground was on top of a high slope or hill. So that kind of was the cause of why it was hard to get there.

Once we reached the top we were tired and hot from the boiling hot sun rays torturing us. So we sat down in the shade for a little. We soon got our energy back and started playing around. I chose to play on the swing with Clare and Jayden while the rest of the gang were playing soccer.

As I was swinging I just kept checking if anyone else was here and talking to Clare at the same time. Out of no where I then hear “TAUOLAAA!!!” it’s Taumaia another younger aunty. Taumaia comes sprinting up the hill without stopping she makes it to the park then heading straight for me.Taumaia soon made it to me and says Hi in an exhausted tone while hugging me.

Taumaia was very happy when she made it up until.....”TAUMAIA!!!” Uncle Johnny, her Dad called her. Taumaia then said in a annoyed tone “OHHH COME ON” and ran back down to her dad. But it just made me laugh and tease her in a joking kind of way so she didn’t mind me teasing her.

Seconds started feeling like days waiting for her to come back in the sun but she finally made it back. We chose to sit in the shade, when Taumaia was back with the others that just finished playing soccer.

Sitting in the shade was calming for me for a bit. But if I had to describe how the others were feeling in one word it would be hungry. They kept moaning and saying “When is Janice and them going to be here” or “Hurry up I want to eat”.

The moaning went on for while but luckily Janice and her family made it and they saved my ears from falling off me.Janice and her brother Orlando are my younger aunt and uncle too. Now all we had to do,was get Jewel’s Ice Cream Cake out but UHH OHH her ice cream cake melted. Her cake was so watery, the candle would sink into the cake.

Time for plan B,we chose to use the other cake they made, problem solved. Everything was ready and it was time for us to sing Happy Birthday to Jewel.Jewel looked very happy as we were singing.Until her dad,uncle Basil said to say the prayer to her.Jewel did say the prayer but I think she was a bit shy so she said it really fast.Not only that uncle Basil then said a few words and then she had to say something too.Jewel was still smiling but at the same time she  looked kind of shy.But in the end she was fine.

We all then got some food and ate.We ate barbecue and more barbecue.Uncle Basil also gave everyone a fizzy drink each saying here you go in a funny tone.Not so long later Uncle Basil said to everyone “Donate all your bones in this bucket”.Not your actual bones but the bones from the meat that we ate.The bones were for Taumaia to give to her dog at her house named, Ula.

People were starting to get full very slowly but they did eventually and all the kids were back to playing around for a few minutes.All the kids then had to get changed into other clothes to get ready for a water balloon fight.Filling the water balloons up with water took for ages but we finally got it done.It was kind of annoying though because we only had 15 balloons to play with.Some of the other kids kept playing around with the balloons when we were filling it up so that was why we only had 15 balloons.

Jewel and Sarai went to go tell Uncle Basil that the balloons were all filled up when we were done.Uncle Basil then already estimated how many balloons there were and asked us why there were only 15.Jewel told him what happened and growled Sifu one of the people that popped some balloons.Sifu was lucky that he still got to be in the water balloon fight though.

The water balloon fight started so suddenly since Sifu just started throwing them and then we all joined in battling each other, for like 10 seconds.The balloons were all finished so Jewel and Sarai got a bucket and filled it up with water trying to get everyone wet.Sifu then got the hose and squirted everyone,especially me because I was the one trying to take the hose off him.But sadly I failed.

That fight ended quickly so I went on the trampoline with Janice and said “Why can’t everyone come play on the trampoline while the hose wets us”.Janice straight away told Sifu that and my idea worked.Uncle Basil connected the sprinkler to the hose and everyone got wet.  

On the trampoline we all got into teams and just started wrestling.We were having so  much fun plus the trampoline was slippery so it made wrestling more challenging.Sometimes people would try to push each other to get their opponent down but it wouldn’t work and they would just laugh.That was kind of  funny.Janice and I were in one team and we kept taking everyone down so it was pretty cool.But at times our team lost.

The wrestling went on for a very long time but I got off in the end.When I got off I went to stand outside and wait for aunty Guneeta to get me a towel.While I was standing there with my soggy clothes Taumaia looked at me and said “You have devil eyes”.I was offended and got kind of angry after that.

I then recieved my towel and went straight to the bathroom looked in the mirror and found out the reason why Taumaia insulted me.It was true my eyes were so red and I did look evil so I got her point.

After looking at the evil side of me I had a quick shower,got changed into dry clothes and had some dessert.Having dessert was kind of complicating because when we tried to get some banoffee pie aunty Maryanne kept saying it’s all hers.But I did get one slice and I kept going back for an ice block kind of ice cream because I was thirsty.We also got party packs filled with yum treats.

The birthday came to an end and we said bye to everyone and my grandparents just dropped my siste and I  home.So we had to say bye to my grandparents and Clare when the day was over too.

I felt that Jewels birthday was fun.I especially liked the part when we were wrestling each other on the trampoline while getting wet.


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Math Magician

Today the 14th of April 2015 I went back on to math magician and tried doing my 7 times tables again and I got a 100%.I think today I did quite well with my 7 times tables. But I think I got 100% because I kept practicing.

Current Events

Three mysterious men are being tracked down by police because they invaded a house in Christchurch.They also stole a small amount of money and a cell phone leaving the victim with a suspected broken leg.The victim described that the three men were wearing balaclavas but he was unable to provide any more description.But police say that the three men could have left the scene together in one vehicle.Police also say to call 03 363 7400 if anyone in the area saw the three men at 3:00 in the morning.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Math Magician

Math Magician

I went on to math magician again and tried something a bit harder, my 7 times tables. This time I wasn’t as great as I was with my 6 times tables so instead of getting 100% I got 95%.I thought that my math today was ok but I've realized that I need to practice a bit more on my 7 times tables.

Maths 2.png

Grandparents House

At my Grandparents House I was watching Fresh Housewives of South Auckland, and just kept laughing and watching it over again with my aunt Clare and sister,Dora who had been dropped off by my parents this morning. My aunt and I had been imitating the characters in the show, while at the same time trying not to laugh.

After our awful acting my Grandma came in and told us to go clean the kitchen while she helps Grandpa outside.So like good kids we listened to my Grandma and reacted quickly, but since the kitchen wasn’t that dirty we got everything cleaned up fast.

Once the kitchen was clean Clare,Dora and I went into the room that my Grandpa finished fixing and played around in it.The floor in the room was slippery so we were just sliding on it and playing around.

Until my Grandma came to the window and inappropriately threw a piece of plant at me when I wasn’t looking.As soon as I saw the plant I turned around looked at my Grandma and threw it back at her. We both started laughing. We didn’t throw it hard so no one got hurt. But before my Grandma left she told Clare to go and iron the washing so we went downstairs to go help Clare.

We were then helping her,well I was helping her while my little sister was just playing games on her laptop.Luckily for Dora it was fine that she had been playing on her computer,  since the work we were doing wasn’t a complicated job.Ironing the washing was also a job we got done quickly too.

That job was done and I went into the next room to get something while this song Don’t Judge Me by Chris Brown was playing.Then out of no where I hear “Im A Barbie Girl!!!” with my sister laughing.I decide to go see what was happening in the other room and see my Grandma dancing with my sister,so I just joined in with them.We were dancing for a while but our dancing soon came to an end, with the song too.

I thought today was a fun,funny and exceptional day because I had lots of fun playing around and dancing with my Grandma.Dancing with my Grandma was the best part of my Day. So far the holidays have been interesting, filled with laughter and happiness.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Math Magician

Today on Thursday 9th of April I went on to math magician to do some times tables. On math magician I did my 6 times tables and got 100%.I thought that going on math magician was fun and helps you to be very alert and fast when answering math equations.

math magician.png

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Good Friday

Good Friday

On Good Friday my family got ready and went to church. We arrived just on time at 3:00 p.m. My grandparents came in too but they were a little bit late and just came after us.

Our church started with an introduction and then went into singing a song.At church the preist was talking to the church about what happened when jesus was crucified and why he died for us.When the priest was finished talking about Jesus some people brought the cross to the front of the church.Once the cross made it to the front and everyone kissed the cross.

Soon church was finished and we all drove to my grandparents house.At our grandparents house we had some food to eat.As we were finishing our food we cleared the table and then went to go watch some Television.On television we watched small programmes but then got bored of T.V and went to play outside with my baby brother Tini for little.

After we finished playing around with Tini my parents said it was time for us to go home and say bye to my grandparents and aunty Clare.So we went back home and went to sleep after saying our prayer.

I felt that my Good Friday was just like a normal day at my grandparents house.  

My Morning

Today on Wednesday the 8th of April and I slept over at my grandparents. At my grandparents house my Grandpa was painting the wall in a room in the house upstairs while my Grandma was cleaning.

So I went up stairs to go see if they needed help so I went to my Grandma first. My Grandma said that she was ok and just told me to go help Grandpa but I found that he didn't really need help too. But he did ask me if I could hold his watch for him while he paints and to move the ladder at times.

Anyways I thought he was fine but I still just waited their and watched him paint.While I was watching I found that he didn't just paint anywhere on the wall going this way and the other way. He painted one way with everything turning out perfect until I kind of broke the handle off the door by accident when I was opening the door. My Grandpa just looked like he didn't mind though so I just calmly got what he needed and just acted like I did nothing.

That was kind of embarrassing but I was so glad my Grandpa didn't growl me.That was my morning covered and I felt that my morning was fine since I didn't get in trouble.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Term 1 Reflection

Term 1 had a lot of things but they especially had the Good the Bad
and the Ugly.

But we started off school with a great mood. We had a new start things were different like this new programme called Kiwi Can.Kiwi Can is an awesome programme since we get to do fun activities while learning stuff about improving in our behaviour.The games we played were so fun sometimes our teacher Mrs Tofa would even join in. It also helped with our General Knowledge since we play this small game called GKQ (General Knowledge Questions) and everyone gets a turn.

There is also this other programme we’ve been doing for some time too.They call themselves MADD Messengers.MADD stands for Music,Arts,Drama and Dance so it isn’t a bad thing.Petia and Caroline are the people working with us and they say they were trying to change the word mad into something positive,It worked.MADD Messenger is a very cool programme that helps with anti bullying and being proud of you since everyone is unique.

We also had sports like softball,cricket and touch and they were all fun but cricket was kind of a problem for me since I wasn’t fast and wasn’t really good at batting.Softball was ok but I wasn’t very good at soft ball and I kept missing the ball like at our cricket lessons .Touch was my favourite though since we had heaps of fun and we played a lot of cool games that helped with the sport.

We had a trip to Butterfly Creek too and we went to learn more about dinosaurs.At Butterfly Creek I found alot of information about dinosaurs like a Tyrannosaurs Rex wasn’t the strongest dinosaur.It was the spinosaurus dinosaur but what was weird, was that a spinosaurus didn’t have a big appetite.Also I found out that scientist use dinosaur droppings to find out what they ate in the dinosaur time.Butterfly Creek wasn’t all about dinosaurs though we got to see farm animals which was pretty cool.So that trip was pretty fun.

The trips didn’t just end at Butterfly Creek.We got to go to Pt England Beach and welcome the waka from Hawaii called Hokulea to our area and our school wasn’t the only school there.We had all schools that were in the Manaiakalani cluster to help us welcome the waka.That trip was a fun experience.

A visit  from this music artist Anonymous was at our school too.This artist created cool music  
which was pretty amazing.He told us about how reading helps you to reach your dream and stuff like that.That was how Anonymous achieved his dream and it became reality.He also showed us a few things he needed to make his music,like this instrument that made his voice sound like he was a robot.Anonymous recorded our school making this beat.That visit from Anonymous inspired me.  

Around that time when Anonymous was here we had another visit by this Charity Show.The Charity Show was cool since some people from our school got be in it.One of those people were me and we had to practise a little.But before we even got into practising we introduced ourselves in our own way and played these fun activities.The people that were working with us were Justin,Toto,Mikey and Tevita.I found that it was extremely funny and fun at the same time.We did get into practicing but it was pretty easy since we just had to make up 3 dance moves to present to the school. Obviously we had to practice so we presented our dances in front of the people we were working with first. We then ended up presenting it in front of the school.I was a bit nervous about presenting in front of the school but I did it and it was fun.

Technology was also happening and we were doing wood work with Mr Grundy being our teacher. Wood work is fun and kind of hard but we have not finished our projects and are still having our technology sessions with Mr Grundy to complete our work.  

While Term 1 was going pass we had our 3 Way Conferences. My 3 Conference was ok but the problem was that I found that I moved down in my studies.That meant I needed to work really hard to achieve my goals and move up.3 Way conference was ok though but I going to try focus on my work and try to understand more about what the teacher is teaching me.

Even though there were small minor issues in term 1 I think it was an ok term. I learnt new things and had fun learning them so nothing really went that bad.

Kiwi Can

On Thursday 2nd April 2015 we had our last Kiwi Can session for term 1 but we didn’t have our normal session as usual because our class won for showing the most respect.So our Kiwi Can leaders brought us some fried chicken, pizza and some juice to reward us.

Firstly we lined up to get our food,came back to the mat and ate our food. When some of us finished we said thanks to Kiwi Can and played a game while we waited patiently for everyone else to finish. Soon everyone was done eating so we all played games till our session with Kiwi Can was over.

Once it was over we said thanks and bye to Kiwi Can and went back to class. I thought that it was cool that we won and got to be rewarded.  

Malama Honua

On Wednesday 26th of March 2015 Glenbrae School went to Pt England Reserve to welcome the waka called Hokulea from Hawaii with other schools in the Manaiakalani Cluster.Pt England Reserve wasn’t that far so we walked but it was a very hot day so we brought our hats.

Once we reached our destination we sat on the grass and waited for all the schools.When all the schools were here we were told to stand up and sing.Our first song was E Oho but as we were sing that song we did a dance that went for it.

After that there was a lot speaking and more singing.The songs we sang were Nga Waka,He Honore and more of E oho.While we were singing the songs we had to stand and sit down a lot but it was fine plus as we were standing we could see the waka Hokulea better and the people from the waka talking to us.

When the welcoming was coming to an end all the schools got to go meet and high five the people from Hawaii and kids from other schools that helped out.As we were high fiving them some of them said Aloha instead of hi which was different.

The problem was though that when we were saying hi and stuff it took a long time because there were a lot of schools that the Hawaiians were saying hi to but at least everyone got a turn to meet them.

It was now finished and we had to go back to school but I didn’t go because I was one of the people that were chosen to stay behind and learn something about Hawaii.So we stayed behind but came late to our learning session because we were confused about where to go.We went to Pt England Reserve then to Pt England School and just kept walking back and forth.But we did get there and found out it was at Pt England Reserve.

While we were there we ate a Hangi and listened to what they were telling us at the same time.When I was listening I learnt that our ancestors used the stars and sky to navigate them and a bit of Hawaiian words.

The trip to Pt England Reserve was fun and interesting since we got to meet the Hawaiians and learn a bit about all of our ancestors.  

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Triangles Math Problem

Piri,Maia and Ollie are planning to make pikelets
for afternoon tea.The recipe needs 3/4 cup  of milk
to make a batch of 25 pikelets.How many cups will
they need to make 100 pikelets?

This is how Alisi and I solved the math problem


M.A.D.D. Programme


Today we caught up with our MADD Programme session with Petia only because Caroline or  Leah couldn't make it but they did send their apologies. We still continued with our programme though.

We firstly started off with trying to remember what happened the last time we were with MADD.Students were saying stuff about what smarts we were like self smart,people smart,body smart,picture smart,word smart,number smart and music smart.We also talked about Parris Goebel last time so she was mentioned in that part of the programme.Petia said she was a great dancer and what kind of smart she was.Parris Goebel was body smart.

After talking about that we started talking about more famous people like Sonny Bill William.Petia was explaining how Sonny Bill William  achieved his goal by practicing and practising.Petia then got these cards with the first one saying “10,000 Hours”.That card meant like if you could do what you love for 10,000 hours you could be a master at it.

Then Petia got another card that said “Make as many Mistakes as you can”.The meaning of that card meant that it’s good to make mistakes.Because when you make mistakes you learn from it,but if you keep doing the same mistakes again and again it wouldn’t be much help.So instead of making the same mistakes again you could learn from it and change it to something that could help you.

The next card was now up and it said “NO is KNOWLEDGE”.For this card we didn't quite understand what that quote meant so Petia explained the meaning.First he grabbed a volunteer from the audience.Fraser volunteered.Once Fraser was up they did a little skit.

The skit was about Fraser trying out for a basketball team but Fraser wasn’t very good with basketball so the coach Petia said “No”.But Petia didn’t only say no he told Fraser what he needed to work on.So when Petia said no,he also gave Fraser knowledge on what he needed to work on.

There was then another card that had a different quote that said “Every Time You Have the Opportunity Play” this quote meant every time you have the chance to practise your talent, go for it.So when you have the chance take a risk and play.

As you can see the the quote didn’t say every time you have the opportunity work or do your job.Why? because your talent should be something you love and enjoy to do,not something that you dislike and just do because you have too.

Now was the last card that had “PLAY PLAY PLAY” which meant something like practise practise practise your talent so you could get better and be the best you can be at it.

Soon after the last card we were split into groups that had to practise a skit about any talent and present it to the students with us.First up was suppose to be the group I was in the artists but we weren’t ready so we had to miss out which was kind of sad but there were still other people ready to present.

So instead of starting with the artists the rugby people went up and they did a little skit about everyone training except for one of the players that Moses played.Moses character thought he was too good to practise but,then they had a tournament and there was no more time for practise.When Moses was playing in the game he made them lose because he didn't know the rules since he didn’t join his team when they were training.

The second group were the musicians.The musicians did there skit about 4 people playing judges on NZs Got Talent while Fusi was being one of the people auditioning.Fusi then went out on to the stage played her music using the ukulele.The problem was that she wasn’t very good.So the 4 judges said No but like on one of the cards it said No is Knowledge so after they said no they gave her knowledge on what she needed to do to get better.Kyana-Lee one of the judges said 2 years later and Fusi came back to NZs Got Talent and played her music again.This time she was so awesome at playing the judges faces looked stunned and suprised giving Fusi yes from all judges.That was the end of they’re skit so we moved on to the last group.

The last group were the people that liked playing video games.That group had 4 people playing a the video game with the others being the wrestlers in the game.Once all of them were done picking their players they just started playing the game.The people in the game were pretending they were using chairs to hit each other and pretending to punch each other (No one was hurt in this skit).But one of the players didn’t know the rules and still kept played.The person that didn’t know the rules lost the game.This skit was kind of like the first group.Someone didn’t know what to do and lost the game.

The MADD Programme almost came to an end but Petia firstly drew a picture
of Wonder Women,while we were listening to music and watching him.Petia finished his picture in a little while later.

When Petia had a completed his  drawing I saw it and thought he did an awesome drawing of Wonder Women. Not to long later we had to go back to class after.So we all said bye to Petia.

I thought our session with Petia was very important and interesting at the same time.I also thought that what we learnt with Petia was helpful for the future.