Friday, 28 June 2013

The Stranded Island
Once upon time there was a cruel person that abandoned a dog on an Stranded Island alone by itself or was it ,the dog started to sniff a scent of a human  so followed the track and came to a cave finding a man that has been  stuck on the island  for  10 years surviving  with fruits and other things found on the Island.
Later in the week they both went out searching for food  to eat then suddenly they came across bamboo sticks and  then an idea popped up  the dog’s head then gets the bamboo stick and pulls them together then the man gets the same idea then they start building a boat using strong vines and  bamboo. They tied the bamboo together using the strong vines.Soon they got tired and both went back to sleep in the cave but before the man went to sleep he said a little prayer   and then finished and said “ Goodnight “ to the dog and the dog replying back “Woof woof”.

The next day they got up early in the morning continuing their boat finding two more long bamboo sticks and strong bark from the tree to make paddles soon they had finished but then they had to find some food to eat on the way, plus the man decided to make a spear using a knife he found in the cave near where was left  to catch some fish on the way but they cooked the fish on the beach using sticks and rocks,  the dog got to make a fire and cook the fish. Soon the went to sleep and decided to go the next day in the morning.

In the morning they woke up and  took off by pushing the boat in the water the jumping on fast with the little dog in the man’s arms holding the dog close to his side while he paddles the right way.

Now they were on there way back to where they use to live well back to their home but took time like for a week they were at sea until suddenly they heard a like a noise that got louder and louder so they were looking everywhere but nothing then they looked up saw a helicopter so the dog started barking  and the man started waving his hands and yelling out “HELP” then the man pulled out the  knife he found in the cave and reflected the sunlight onto the helicopter man then the helicopter flew down and the helicopter man said in the speaker and it’s ok I can see now put the dog in the carrier things and pull the dog up while the man climbs on the ladder and then they were both safe in the helicopter then back to civilisation in the neighborhood in Kingsland.

Later on there lives were back to normal but the dog lived with the man that helped him and the man named the dog brave for being a brave dog that helped him. Then life went on while they were safe at home

The End
By Tauola.M

Friday, 21 June 2013

Genius Jones and Fat Cat

Yellow Group - Genius Jones and Fat Cat - by Janet Pates

1.   How did Genius Jones get his name?
Genius Jones got his name from his mother because she
thought one day Genius would make her and her husband
proud of him
2. Who chose the cat’s name?
Genius Mum chose the name for him
3. Explain why the name was a good one when she was a kitten.
The name of Fat Cat suited her when she was little was because Fat Cat was
a big chubby fluff ball
4. How did the rain freeze into icy needles?
It says this winter was so cold the rain froze into icicles   
5. Why did the mice move indoors?
Mice moved indoors to be warm instead of outside in the cold winter
6. Explain why the cat was compared to a lean mean killing machine.
The cat was compared to lean mean killing machine because she was pretty good at catching mice but never ate any
7. Why did Mum scream in the kitchen?
Mum screamed in the kitchen because there were mice everywhere
8. What did Genius eat when he came home starving?
Genius came home eating sausage tomato sauce and bread
9. What did Fat cat drop near his feet after he finished his snack?
Fat Cat dropped a mouse in front of his feet
10. Explain what might have made the cat finally eat a mouse.
The cat started to eat mice once Genius put tomato sauce on it
11. What new invention did Genius decide to create for the cat?
Genius made a tomato sauce machine that would squirt tomato on a mouse with just a press of a button
12. Explain why Mum said ‘that one should never underestimate the power of a name.’
The Mum said that because she thought  that Genius would do something for her that would make her proud of him and it happened plus When Fat Cat was little she was fat
but as she got older she got skinny until Genius made a tomato sauce machine that squirted tomato sauce on mice neatly which made Fat Cat eat it and get fat again

what you think it means
dictionary definition
To spread something on another thing messily
To serve food thickly covered with sauce
To just like drop like water and splat
A splash of liquid
To squeeze something with a liquid coming out fast
To force or to be forced out of a narrow opening
A soft piece of something
A soft light substance
It is to be like kind of fat
To be plump and round
A simple mechanism
To prise or move an object with a lever

Select any four of the above words and use them in complex sentences of your own. (Remember that it must have an adjective, speech and a verb - example  When clumsy Sione dropped the heavy bowl full of vanilla custard it splattered all over the clean floor and cracked into several pieces, “oh no!” he yelled.)

Unscramble these words:

shedis ….......dishes..........................

acinemh …........machine..........................

ntutob …..........button........................

rpweo ….......power..........................

tqusri ….....squirt............................

mohtseerd …..smothered..............................

 I have done an activity on this book called Genius Jones and Fat Cat which is about a little boy named Genius Jones who creates a machine that squirts tomato sauce out on a dead mouse that Fat Cat eats and he also makes his parents proud that he made there lives a little bit easier by making that machine.

Print Template

WALT write a recipe
Success Criteria:
My recipe will have a title
It will have a list of ingredients and equipment needed
It will have the steps to prepare my dish in order. Each step will start with a ‘bossy’ (imperative) verb
It will have a conclusion
It will have pictures to show how to make the dish

To check out how good procedures are written, click on the links below.

Use the template provided below to write a simple recipe (Create)

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Title:Print Template
What you Need:        
Equipment craft knife scissors cardboard pencil paint roller paint cardboard base glue  


Ingredients:craft knife scissors cardboard pencil paint roller cardboard base glue
1.Draw pictures of stuff and things on a cardboard
2.Then after you have finished your drawing cut it out
3.Glue your drawings that you cut out onto another cardboard
4.Once you have finished sticking your drawings down you get some paint and roll
it on the card board
5.Now let it dry for a while

Conclusion: You are done!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Hot Milo

Title: Milo
What you Need: Milo Sugar Hot Water Milk         
Equipment  Cup Teaspoon    


Ingredients: Milo Sugar Hot Water Sugar
1. Find a cup and a teaspoon and rinse them.
2. Use the teaspoon and put  the milo into your cup.
3.Next put a teaspoon of sugar if you want.
4.Boil the kettle and wait for a while or till the kettle’s done.
5.Once the kettle is boiled pour some hot water in your cup.
6. Put some cold milk in to cool it down and stir for just a sec.
7.Add marshmallows and cream if you want
Conclusion:Now Drink Time!
Enjoy on a cold winter day