Friday, 14 September 2012

Computer Rules

 Computer Rules
  1. Wait patiently for your turn
  2. Do not touch the plugs ever
  3. Don’t lean on the back of your chair
  4. Walk next to the computers
  5. No messing around next the computers
  6. 2 at a time on each computer
  7. No eating or drinking at the computers
  8. Don’t bang the keyboard

Monday, 6 August 2012

Creating Tapa

Room 9 students have been studying Tapa cloth designs and patterns.

First we practised our tapa cloth on a small brown piece of paper. After a while some students moved onto a piece  of white paper and drew down lots of different types of creative patterns.When we finished drawing our patterns we coloured them in different types of colours by using pastel but while we were using the pastel we had to be very careful because we had to try not smudge the colours  together.A few days later most of us completed our tapa cloth.Some of us liked doing a tapa cloth so they did another one but this time they used dye and a vivid instead of pastel for the tapa cloth.

Room 9 had an awesome time creating a Tapa cloth !




Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Maths Magician

If you like maths you should go on to Maths Magician a fun learning game at different levels.
Go to Math Magician.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Positive comments

We are learning to write good blog comments.
This is a positive comment because it has described how I felt when I as reading it.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Life Caravan

On Monday Manuae, Alisi, Deandra, Aarmione and I ran down to the Life Caravan with Rm 10. When we got there we took our shoes off and listened to Claire talking about friends that care and friends that don’t care. She asked us what friend we would want.
Then Claire gave us these cards that said something that friends would do and would not do and put them in the right column.
After that Claire got to let us see Harold but we forgot to welcome him the giraffe wave style.While Harold was out of his room he thought about the words we said like respect that they didn’t have.
Soon Harold went away so we got to see Ozone a robot in space on a screen that was telling us some of the parts of a human body and how they work together like friends.
Next we got to see a body that ate an apple so looked at where the apple would go then we watched it just one more time.
Later on we had to go and say goodbye so we ran back to class.
I had a great time in the Life Caravan because I got to learn new things about our body and friends.

Monday, 19 March 2012

There are more than planets in space

There are more than planets in space there  are dangerous things like comets, meteorites and asteroids that can be zooming anywhere in space.  The book I read is an article on space. First the author wrote what was a comet. A comet is a rock and dust that shoots out to the sun with the comets’ tail pointing away from the sun. As the comet gets closer to the sun it heats up and starts to glow very brightly around the head.
When the comet gets hotter and hotter it grows a bright tail too. A comet’s tail can thousands of kilometres long.The tail is made of gas.
There are most asteroids that travel around the blazing sun in a place named the asteroid belt. Some asteroids come close to earth they can even bump into it.
The asteroid belt is a very dangerous place for spaceships to fly through.There are many huge asteroids that can crash into them.
A meteor looks like a whizzing star through the sky. Some people call it a shooting star. Actually it is NOT a shooting star. It is a piece of rock or dust falling towards earth.     
While the rock or dust falls towards earth it burns up in the air and glows brightly. Sometimes a meteor reaches the ground without being burned up at all.Then it it is a meteorite.Some meteorites may have been broken off mars or the moon.
I loved reading this article because of it gave me lots of interesting information on space.  

Monday, 12 March 2012

I didn’t get to swim

Today Rm 9 walked to the GI Pools to learn some new skills and how to be safe in the water.While we were walking we talked about visiting the pools last year .
When we arrived  the girls and boys got dressed in to their togs to go into the pool with the instructors.I didn’t get to swim with the others but I got to talk to my friend Fetu about funny movies.While we were talking we were looking at the others to see what kind of swimming style they were doing.
Suddenly we heard Rm 8 coming in so our class got out  of the pool and got dressed back into their uniform lined up and walked out of the pools.
When we  started walking Ms Joyce showed us 2 games.This is how you play one of  the  games.if you step on a crack or you will be swallowed by the crack
Then Ms Joyce told us how strong trees roots are and continued walking. When we got to school we walked back to class and did our school work as always.
I didn’t get to swim but I got to talk to my friend Fetu and laugh around with her.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Welcome to Room 9

Welcome to Room 9 and i know you are going to have alot of fun with your new Netbook :)