Friday, 14 November 2014

Lost In Rainforest

Today I read a book on ziptales and this was what it was about....

Lost In The Rainforest
Lost in the Rainforest by  Sonya Stoneman is a story about a plane that crash landed in a rainforest on an island with only 2 kids who were brother and sister that survived and the names of the 2 kids were Jade and Matthew.Since Jade and Matthew survived they went out looking for a village also coming across dangerous and beautiful animals but they were going to get hungry so Matthew climbed up a tree and got some berries to eat.That’s when they spotted village people and also when they were fed and given somewhere to stay.

But a week later Jade and Matthew's Dad (The Dad came with a search party) found them on the island since they never found them in the wreckage.When they were found,Jade and Matthew thanked the villagers for looking after them when they were by themselves.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Fraction Splat

Today I played on a challenging fraction
 game titled fraction splat
and I scored 215 points out of 500