Friday, 20 November 2015

Financial Literacy

Today,on Friday 20th November 2015, Rachel from Financial Literacy came back to our class, but today we were learning about identity theft and how our identity is very important.

When Rachel was here she told us about forms of identification from the,government and others that aren't from the government.Forms of identification from the government were birth certificates,passports and your drivers licence while other forms that were non-government issued were student ID's,employee work ID's and a library card.

Then we talked about how people can steal your identity by knowing your date of birth,where you live and knowing your pin number and others.So we thought of some ways you could keep your identity safe which were

-Don't share it with anyone
-Put your ID in a safe
-Make sure you know where your ID is
-Don't share your pin ID
-Don't get pay wave

Once we were finished with that we were done with the programme and it was time for Rachel to go.

I thought that this session was very important and I learnt that I should keep my identity in a safe place and be careful with it.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Financial Literacy

Today on Wednesday 18th November 2015 we had a visit by an accountants,named Rachel.While Rachel was here she told us some important information about being creditworthy.She had told us that creditworthy is being a responsible person that borrows money or something and gives it back when they say.It is also about lending money or something to someone you know and trust,Not a stranger,you don't even know.But we were told,that sometimes things don't get returned back so you could sometimes lose your trust in that person.So we all thought of some ideas to gain trust which were
-Make more Frequent money
-Pay on Time
-Pay back extra
-Be Honest

Once we were done with saying some ideas we wrote down some people we could trust on a piece of paper and then our session was finished.

I thought that the session with Rachel was very important and this information could help me in the future.