Friday, 13 February 2015

Siblings Chart

This is a Pie Graph of how many siblings the students have in this class

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Water Fun Day

Water Fun Day

On Monday when I got to school the bell rang, it would usually be time for us to get to class but this time it was time for us to get changed into our house colours (Red Green Blue and Yellow).Soon after we all got changed all classes had to go to the court and get ready for water fun day a day when we can play fun activities involving water.

Once everyone was at the school court we organised ourselves into our house groups and waited for the teachers to tell each class which activity they would be starting with.Our class Room 10 had to wait for Mrs Tofa to ring the bell to start and  get ready for crawling under chairs .....RING RING RING the people in front quickly got water in their cup and crawled under the chairs as fast as they could and raced to the bucket they had to fill up.So we continued doing that but when it got up to me I filled my cup up,but when it came to the crawling bit it was kind of hard since it was slippery from all the water while also getting my head hit under the chairs and then ran to the bucket coming back tired.Everyone kept doing what they had to do but as I was watching I could see that I wasn’t the only one that found it hard to go under the chairs.Suddenly ....RING RING RING Mrs Tofa rang the bell to signal us that it was time to rotate and change activities.

The Next activity for our class was this under over activity where we had to pass a sponge that absorbed with water,over our head and under our legs to the last person to squeeze the water out in the bucket.The bell rang a minute later after getting ready and BOOM everyone started passing over and under very quickly to the last person,and the last person was off to the buckets making sure every drop of water was in the bucket but we made sure that we didn't bump anyone over so i’m pretty sure no one got hurt doing these activities but anyways everyone was moving very fast until it was time to change activity.

The third activity for Room 10 was on the field where Miss Moopanar was waiting for us.When we reached the top of the field she explained to us what to do,which was fill the cup up with water and run to your bucket as usual.Then the bell rang everyone in front of the line got the water and ran down to the bucket but once it was time for them to run back up some of them started going to slow down but they still made it up to the top giving it to the next person and the next so on running back and forth.Soon it was my turn and I did what we were told to do but got kind of tired running back up.The bell rang again time to rotate.

Mrs Pau'uvale was the next teacher for this activity I think it was called walk the plank but we could do other things to pass the plank but once we passed the plank we ran up to our house colour bucket.We kept doing that until we moved to the next activity with Mr Nath.

For this activity we had to go back down the field to Mr Nath where we and to link arms with a buddy and run so we did that when the Mrs Tofa rang the bell.Straight away we were linked and ready to go but this time the buckets seemed more closer to us than where we were standing in the other activities but now it was my turn and I was running with my partner Manuae trying to get up to the bucket but I think she was tired from running with Aarmione because we had to swap partners each time for everyone to have a turn and if we didn't swap each time someone would have been left so we just kept swapping and swapping till it came to the time when we had to stop and make our way to back up to the field to Mrs Kumar this time.

Mrs Kumar had an activity that was similar to Mrs Moopanar activity but all we had to do was zig zag up and zig zag down and I think it was a bit harder than Mrs Moopanar’s activity.But it was fun but our water got used up really fast some teams had to share the water.Not to long later it was time for our last activity where Mrs Parker was waiting,but she didn't have to wait so long because from where we were standing we were practically neighbours.

We then were with Mrs Parker ready to....RING RING go we had to go down a water slide which was really slippery and fun but then the slide had to come to an end and we had to run fill the bucket up and run back up wait for your turn again but we didn't have much time to go again plus Mrs Tofa had rang the bell already.

Now the water fun was over and time to see who won.These were the results the team Nikau (Blue) last Kowhai (Yellow) third and Kauri (Green) and Rata (Red) coming first and winning “YES!!!” those teams shouted with joy.But at the very end we finished off with our chants,got changed and went back to class to have lunch.

I had so much fun getting wet and versing all the other teams but at the end I got really tired and exhausted,also realising that the activities were so much work and noticing we had a lot of exercise.

Thursday, 5 February 2015


The Vanishing

Back in the 1800s 14 year old kids suddenly started disappearing all over the world but no one knew what exactly happened to all of them but some people say all the kids that were taken away had some things in common they weren't all that, how should I say this,good,and when I say not good I don't mean they listened to their parents and then sometimes did what they were told to do I mean ever since they were brought into this world they disobeyed every single word  their parents or people that tried to help said.

Well anyways people say they were taken away by the powerful Master Tai Lung started to watch over these since he noticed kids started being really bad.But he waited for the kids to change into better people for 14 years but if they hadn't changed Master Tai Lung would take the kids away and eat them up alive locking their spirits away in a separate cages leaving the kids in there for eternal life in pain.

So try to listen to people who help you to do the right thing and obey your parent unless you want to be eaten alive with your spirit locked away for eternity in pain.