Monday, 30 March 2015

Current Events

This Event happened yesterday on 29th of March when Australia won the Cricket World Cup.That was also the day when Black Caps,Brendon Mccullum had been gracious in defeat.He was saying stuff like Australia deserved it.This is one of  things Brendon Mccullum said "It doesn't rankle me because I think, they were too good, and you've got to sometimes acknowledge when a team is better than what you were on the day.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Kiwi Can Programme

Today Thursday of 12th of March 2015 our class Room 10 went to Kiwi Can after morning tea where Miss Tuia and Mr Numia were waiting for us outside our classroom on the bench.

When everyone from our class were here and sitting on the bench Miss Tuia and Mr Numia took us on to the field to do our programme.We were continuing with our theme from last time which was cooperation and negotiation.First Miss Tuia and Mr Numia split the girls with the girls and the boys with the boys to play this game called letters.For this game Miss Tuia had to call a letter out and everyone had to make that letter but if your team made it last your team would have been out which happened a lot with our team the girls.We were all talking at once trying to do an easy letter like A but it wasn't working out for us and yes,the boys ended up winning.The next letter was up and  Miss Tuia said make the letter B which was when the girls realised we weren't cooperating so we chose a leader which was  Kyana-Lee.That was when we were all working together and we almost beat the boys but yes, they won again until Miss Tuia gave us the last 2 letters K and C which stood for Kiwi Can.This time the girls won but it was kind of funny for me because we couldn't get one letter done fast but we could get two letters done.

After that game we moved onto getting into a boy girl circle and talked about what negotiating meant and some of the students in our class said it was about making different choices or decisions,some students also said debating or to persuade.Then they split the circle of us up and we were now playing another game called code breaker.For this game we needed to cooperate and negotiate together but we also needed to try and figure out our phrase so we had to make the letter by stepping in hula hoop that they laid out for us and you had to take the right way but if you didn't,you're out so then it was now for the next person to have a turn.While each person from each team was having their turn their team were on the outside saying you go this way pointing at a hula hoop or now go that way,with them all pointing at another hula hoop which helped us at times but sometimes we got it wrong,it was ok though since the team I was in, Team 2 won at the end and we found out that phrase was “Many Hands Make Light Work”.

Soon after our game we formed another circle and got into our GKQ  (General Knowledge Questions) game where Mr Numia asked a group of four people each a question.The question Mr Numia gave us was hard for me because I didn't know the answer but one of us did and it was now on to the next group of four people until it got to the end of the circle.Once we were finished with all the questions we moved onto our points which meant we were just finishing up and that was when Timote came up to get me to go and do my gloss test so unfortunately that was the end for me at Kiwi Can.

I felt that Kiwi Can was fun since we got to play some fun games that helped us to learn about our topic negotiating and cooperation.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

M.A.D.D. Programme

WALT: We are learning to write a Recount.

Today Wednesday 11th of March 2015 we had a workshop on how to respect our culture and also other cultures. Students from Room 9 and 10 were in the workshop. This was held in our Glenbrae School hall.

At our M.A.D.D.( Music, Arts, Drama Dance) Programme Petia and Leah were here to talk to us about the cultures.They told our class about how our cultures might be different but we should be together and work as a team instead of being against each other.

After that Petia and Leah split us in to our cultural groups  which were African,Tongan,Samoan,Niuean,Cook Islands and Maoris. Once everyone were in their groups Petia gave us a sheet of paper where we had to fill in our details about our culture.

Soon we finished our sheets and now had to figure out what we were going to perform to represent our cultures.The Tongans had a song,the Cook Islands and Africa just told a bit about their cultures,the Niueans did a traditional war dance called the Takalo,the Maoris did the Pukana and the group I was in the Samoans did the Siva Tau which was pretty hard for me because it was our first time doing it so I kind of muddled it all up when we were performing.  That was really embarrassing but I had fun doing it at least.

The performing was then over and Petia drew this awesome picture of Hulk that looked so real. While Petia was drawing Hulk we were listening to two songs (Aloe Blacc - I'm the Man and Six60 - Don’t Forget your Roots) and watching him draw. The songs reflected about the cultures that we were learning about.

Then it came to an end and we went back to class with good memories of our culture and other cultures. I felt that it was pretty cool and it made me feel more proud of my culture.