Thursday, 11 July 2013


LI: To write limericks

SC: It must have 5 lines lines, the last word of the first and last line must be the same and all the last words of each line must rhyme.

Limericks are nonsensical 5 line rhymes that were made popular hundreds of years ago by Edward Lear.  

Here is an example:

There was an old person of Pisa,
Whose daughters did nothing to please her;
She dressed them in gray, and banged them all day,
Round the walls of the city of Pisa.

I was in my bed
and then I hit my head
then I felt like I was dead
but soon I woke up and found
it was a dream, and ate ice cream

I went out with no doubt
my dog smelt something
that turned out to be a belt
instead of a felt 
but I didn't shout

You got a bat better than dog
not sweeter than a cat
but I give you one warning
note don’t let sleep beside right 
next to your throat

Space is a place that you
can’t disgrace but you won’t
feel mad or bad that you have
a friend named Chad 
plus his Dad

Limericks aren't sick but sometimes
you have to pick up sticks 
but do you know
school is cool so go and learn and don’t
be a fool ,use your tools

Monday, 8 July 2013

The Matariki Ball

The Matariki Ball
On Friday our school had a ball to fund-raise for the year 7 and 8 camp and to celebrate the Maori new year of Matariki so everyone got dressed up into their cool clothes and all met in our school hall with our DJ Larry , but before we started the ball we said a prayer and then started the party with dancing a bit to dancing and singing hard out when the lights were out everyone was comfortable and enjoying the music Larry plays on the DJ it was mean music.

While people were  dancing some people went to buy some food from outside of the hall ,plus I bet people were very hungry for butter chicken because that went out fast.We had lots of delicious food too, along with butter chicken, popcorn ,chop suey rice ,some lolly bags ,sausage rolls brownies and all that other stuff.  

While we were dancing ,some people were looking for a King and Queen for the Juniors and the Seniors and to see who was the best dancer.We didn’t know who was choosing the royal people because they were blended into the crowd so it was kind of a mystery. Anyway people just danced and danced their hardest not caring about what anyone thinks. It was crazy. What was even cooler is that they turned the light off and turned the colourful  lights on which made it look kind of like a disco ball hanging from the hall turning around and round.

Sometimes I got lost in the crowd because there was so many people in the hall. there was like no way out but in the end you'll find the way out.Soon it was almost finished so we said a prayer and they announced our king and queen which was Trent and Angelina for the Junior Royalty people and for the older kids we had Tame’e and Voni.
After that announcement we had one last dance thinking of how fun the night was dancing  to the awesome music or DJ  Larry was playing

It was so crazy and awesome plus it was fun but we had to go home sadly, but man it was cool . By Tauola .M