Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Shopping with Grandparents

Yesterday on Tuesday 29th September my Grandparents,my sister and I went shopping for some stuff for our school camp.

My Grandparents firstly took us to Dress-mart in Onehunga to get us some sport shoes from New Balance.We took a few minutes looking for some shoes but then finally chose our pairs we wanted.My sister chose one pair that had the colours purple and white,I chose one pair that had the colours white,blue and pink

Next we went looking for some sunglasses which didn't take long because only two shops down we found some sunglasses.The sunglasses we saw weren't very expensive so we bought some for my sister and grandma because I said I'd just borrow some.

After that we drove to the warehouse at Sylvia Park to look for some swim wear and some socks.My sister and I just picked some blue swim shorts and picked some white socks.Then my Grandpa brought our stuff,ended our shopping and then went home.

At home my sister and I thanked my Grandparents for buying us some stuff for camp.

I felt very happy that my Grandparents helped us to get our camp stuff and thought that it was very nice of them.

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