Wednesday, 30 September 2015

My Monday Afternoon

On Monday 28th September it was a nice sunny afternoon,while I was with my grandparents driving to shops walking in and out of looking for some oils.

At the shops we couldn't find anything and we started to get hungry,so my Grandpa drove his car straight to Macdonald's.My Grandpa order all three of us 2 big macs each,and then drove straight to Western Springs, to go and eat our lunch.

At Western Springs we were just walking to this area where nothing was in site,but then suddenly I see a rabbit hopping around.So I  walked a little bit closer to have a better look,but then it got scared and hopped away into a bush.I then turned around and then "Oh no!" a hungry chicken was running straight for me but luckily slowed down.

Soon we made it to our seats said a short prayer and ate our delicious food.But it was annoying, and funny at the same time knowing that the chicken came back with another chicken, and a few pukekos trying to take our food.One of the chickens even pecked my Grandma's napkin when she was just peacefully wiping her hands.

We all finished our burgers at the same time so I said thank you to my Grandpa and told him about seeing a rabbit.But right at that moment, we all suddenly stopped talking because on the other side of the park there were a lot of rabbits hopping around. We even saw a few little cute baby rabbits and some colourful birds flying around.

My Grandparents and I then walked closer to the animals and tried to get a better look,but just seemed to scare them away.Even though we scared them away I found out the hole that the rabbits were living in.So when I come back I'll know where they'd be hiding.

Not too long later we all walked back to the car and drove to Pak'n Save and bought some food and  looked for the oils my Grandpa needed,but couldn't find any.So we bought the food and went back to my Grandparents house.

We spent the rest of the day at my Grandparents waiting for my aunty Clare who was studying or at University with her friend.

I felt happy and thought that it was a nice day with my Grandparent,plus it was pretty cool seeing all the animals.

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