Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Shopping with Grandparents

Yesterday on Tuesday 29th September my Grandparents,my sister and I went shopping for some stuff for our school camp.

My Grandparents firstly took us to Dress-mart in Onehunga to get us some sport shoes from New Balance.We took a few minutes looking for some shoes but then finally chose our pairs we wanted.My sister chose one pair that had the colours purple and white,I chose one pair that had the colours white,blue and pink

Next we went looking for some sunglasses which didn't take long because only two shops down we found some sunglasses.The sunglasses we saw weren't very expensive so we bought some for my sister and grandma because I said I'd just borrow some.

After that we drove to the warehouse at Sylvia Park to look for some swim wear and some socks.My sister and I just picked some blue swim shorts and picked some white socks.Then my Grandpa brought our stuff,ended our shopping and then went home.

At home my sister and I thanked my Grandparents for buying us some stuff for camp.

I felt very happy that my Grandparents helped us to get our camp stuff and thought that it was very nice of them.

My Monday Afternoon

On Monday 28th September it was a nice sunny afternoon,while I was with my grandparents driving to shops walking in and out of looking for some oils.

At the shops we couldn't find anything and we started to get hungry,so my Grandpa drove his car straight to Macdonald's.My Grandpa order all three of us 2 big macs each,and then drove straight to Western Springs, to go and eat our lunch.

At Western Springs we were just walking to this area where nothing was in site,but then suddenly I see a rabbit hopping around.So I  walked a little bit closer to have a better look,but then it got scared and hopped away into a bush.I then turned around and then "Oh no!" a hungry chicken was running straight for me but luckily slowed down.

Soon we made it to our seats said a short prayer and ate our delicious food.But it was annoying, and funny at the same time knowing that the chicken came back with another chicken, and a few pukekos trying to take our food.One of the chickens even pecked my Grandma's napkin when she was just peacefully wiping her hands.

We all finished our burgers at the same time so I said thank you to my Grandpa and told him about seeing a rabbit.But right at that moment, we all suddenly stopped talking because on the other side of the park there were a lot of rabbits hopping around. We even saw a few little cute baby rabbits and some colourful birds flying around.

My Grandparents and I then walked closer to the animals and tried to get a better look,but just seemed to scare them away.Even though we scared them away I found out the hole that the rabbits were living in.So when I come back I'll know where they'd be hiding.

Not too long later we all walked back to the car and drove to Pak'n Save and bought some food and  looked for the oils my Grandpa needed,but couldn't find any.So we bought the food and went back to my Grandparents house.

We spent the rest of the day at my Grandparents waiting for my aunty Clare who was studying or at University with her friend.

I felt happy and thought that it was a nice day with my Grandparent,plus it was pretty cool seeing all the animals.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Persuasive Writing (Uniforms)

I strongly agree with the statement: Uniforms should be worn at our a school.

Uniforms should be allowed at our school. When you wear your uniform it represents your school and it tells other people what school you go to.We look proud, smart and tidy when we’re wearing our uniform. We stand out in the crowd when we're our uniform.

Uniforms are also something that you don’t need to worry about everyday. When you get ready for school, you just put your uniform on instaed of running around looking for some clothes to wear.You don’t need to stress when you have a uniform.

Washing your clothes again and again can be a problem sometimes. People usually choose to just wear their clothes and throw it in the washing.This causes the power bill to increase and more of your money gets lost.But with your uniform you just hang it up and wear it again the next day.Your uniform saves you and your parent some money.

Sometimes we go on school trips and it is possible that you might get lost. If one of the students get lost and they're wearing our uniform, it makes it easier to find the student.Having the school's name and logo on the uniform makes it easier to be found. Uniforms help us when we get lost

I feel that uniforms should be worn at schools and are neat and tidy clothes that make schools stand out.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Kiwi Can

Today we had Kiwi Can with Mr Numia,and I came in when we were starting this distraction game.The game was about distractions and trying to be focused on all people.The game included 4 people and 1 person in the middle.On the outside the 4 people were either drawing a shape on the middle persons back (The person in the middle had to guess the shape),telling a story,asking questions that had to be answered and with someone in front that the middle person had to copy.

When it was my turn to focus on everyone I found it really hard.The person I had to copy was Melenaite and she was going all over the place,Dallas asking me questions,trying to guess the shape Fine was drawing and trying to listen to Erina telling me a story.

It was all just very confusing but after playing that game we all gathered in a circle and talked about how hard it was to focus on everything in the game.We then talked about our topic which was dealing with hard challenges.Kiwi Can then gave us our points which was really good,since we got 25 out of 25.After our points we all lined up and went back to class.

I felt that Kiwi Can was fun and learnt that it’s not that easy to keep track of everything when everyone’s talking to you at once.