Friday, 12 June 2015

MADD Workshop

We were just in class doing our normal routine until suddenly our Principal Miss Elia announced that MADD was here through the intercom.Miss Elia also mentioned that it was our last session.

Once Miss Elia finished talking we all lined up outside quickly and walked straight to the hall where we said hi to Petia.We then sat down and listened to Petia. Petia firstly asked us about what we've learnt about through all our sessions.

We all then took a time to think about what we did and we came across a lot of things.In our sessions we talked about knowing who you are,knowing that you’re special,to be proud of your culture,we all have talents and skills,we all are smart in different ways and not to be easily offended,instead understand their personality type and learn to work together.

While we were talking about we were discussing about what we learnt in our sessions Petia was passing along these cards and a key ring.We were each given 6 cards that explained everything that we did and learnt with MADD workshop.The key ring was there to link all the cards together.Petia said if we ever feel down just look at the cards he gave us and remember that we are all special.

Soon after we were finished with the cards Petia said who is a very smart superhero and we all said lots but he drew Iron Man.The picture Petia drew a very cool picture of Iron Man.When Petia was done drawing we all took a closer look,gave Petia a high five and then said bye before we all left.

I felt kind of sad that it was the last time we were going to have our MADD session but also happy that I learnt a lot of things during all the sessions.