Thursday, 9 May 2013


On Sunday my family visited Wellington on a bus for a holiday. When we got to the bus stop we waited for the bus just for a little while and then we had to say good - bye at 8:45 pm. I wore my black warm jacket and felt as snug as a bug in a rug. But on the way to Wellington we got to have some breaks and we were talking  to each other on the bus. 'Would you like some chocolate?" smiled Aunty.  Later and we fell asleep with the rocking of the bus as it followed the winding grey road. Finally, we got to Wellington in the end after “!0  loooooong hours”!

At the time we were in Wellington we jumped into a taxi and drove to this place to rent a car for two days. We chose a shiny golden one with brown leather seats. After that we arrived at our cabin got into our normal clothes and ate toast and coco pops. I can still taste the creamy sweet chocolate flavour. Then finally Janice and Taumaia my two little aunties both ten along  with me went to play on the pillow. It was a big bouncy giant object we call the pillow which deflates by sundown. We played on it all day.  We had a barbecue. I enjoyed the spicy chicken best of all.  After an exciting day we went to bed. 
The End                         

Monday, 6 May 2013


At Glenbrae School we have revisited our School Treaty and as part of this exercise all classes are working on 'a book about hands'. We are looking at positive ways in which hands can be used. We are all aspiring to make our school a 'safe and happy learning community. Please take the time to check out my story.