Monday, 9 December 2013

Netbook Reflection

A netbook helps me in my learning by making it easier
to find facts and information on sites like Wikipedia and encyclopedia
plus I can go on my class site and find activities that could help me
with subjects like Reading,Maths and Writing and stuff like that.

A netbook helps me communicate with my teacher like when she sends work
to me or when I share my work with her so she can check my work and make
sure I am focusing and on the right track. Also sometimes the whole class including
the teacher brainstorm together online.

Online I have learnt stuff about transportation,history, simple mechanism,Christmas
Nelson Mandela we learnt about heat and lots of other things and stuff about other

I learnt how to upload an image,how to connect to the internet and simple things
that I use to have problems with.

I haven’t really helped anyone this year but I have helped some people that didn't know how to
do simple things that I have been told from other friends.

Digital learning has helped me by making things easier to communicate with other people
and find facts and information that I can put on my blog.