Friday, 31 July 2015

Room 10 Child Abuse

Today I asked all the students in my class about what they think about child abuse and they each had different opinions.

Here they are

Reasons (What they think)
I think that children should be put in foster homes because they’ll get better care.
And maybe the parents were abused in the childhood so that might be the only behaviour that they know.
Parents should understand that the kids are just kids.They shouldn't give the kids a hiding,but they can just ground the kids.Children should ask for help if there in a dangerous situation,and children that get abused really badly should be heard by the public so they can help stop child abuse.
I don’t think that it’s good because some children are getting injured badly
I think it’s bad because you’re getting abused by parents and the parent is just hurting the child.
No,I think it’s bad because you’re getting abused and getting hidings. Sometimes you get abused so bad you get deaf.
It’s bad because kids end up in hospital.Sometimes they use the wire,belt,wooden,spoon and stick.Sometimes you get punched in the face
Yes,it’s bad because I feel sorry for them
I think child abuse is wrong and it shouldn't be happening.Because children are getting injured or seriously hurt.
I don’t want it to happen
The government should make up a rule so adults can not abuse younger sibling.
It is very dangerous because people get badly injured
No,I want child abuse to stop because it might continue through generation
Parents should be separated from their kids and the parents should be taken to a mental hospital.
I think it’s bad.why? would people hit their child.
I think sad and unfair that children get abused
It’s very bad if you hurt kids because if you do you should go to jail,your whole life,until you die.
It is very wrong because it leads to death and murder
I think it’s not good to smack little kids
I think it’s bad because if one person does it and then another will follow and it’ll just keep going
It’s bad because it’s just bad
Danny Joe
I think it’s bad and they should get arrested for doing and be in jail their whole life.
It’s bad for kids because they come to school with bruises and cuts on their bodies.
It’s good for children because you learn from your hiding and you never do it again
it’s bad because children get hurt

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Lunch Time

At lunch time today after eating our lunch,a few of my friends came together and played a game of handball.We played 2 against 2 with all of us playing by the rules.In our game we used the tennis ball and did some tricks like skimming and stuff.While we were playing a teacher decided to join us and play.We then continued playing and started laughing and joking around with each other.At times we would also get all hyped up when we were still in the game playing,but when we lost the person that lost would make a joke and we’d all start laughing.We played this game until the bell rang and went back to class.

I felt that playing handball was fun and funny with my friends

Monday, 20 July 2015

Q Rabbits - My Holiday

I was just in the sitting room with my siblings peacefully watching TV until out of no where my mum comes in switches the tv off.Then my mum shouts get ready we're going to the birthday!!!.What,who’s birthday questions start to develop in my head so I think,for moment and it was my mum’s friend’s sister’s daughter’s Birthday,Amira.She was turning 5 and prepared her birthday at Q Rabbits.Q Rabbits was a place that was kind of like chipmunks.

Once I realised who’s birthday it was I had a quick shower and rushed into my room to get ready.I then looked at everyone else they were already in the car.So I rushed into the car and we drove straight to Q Rabbits.

We arrived at our destination in around 40 or 50 minutes and found everyone getting some food in to the place.So we went to help them and then went to play on the bouncy slides and on these obstacle courses for a bit.We played until they called us to come and eat.

In a few minutes we were then called to come to sing Happy Birthday to Amira.We all sang the song while Amira was sitting in her chair with a big smile on her face.After singing some of her family members said some short speeches and then said a short prayer.

We all then got some delicious food.There were pizza’s some bbq,some pork,chicken potato salad,taro and lots more.When I got my food a put a lot on my plate and sat with my sister.We ate lots of food.But we finished in a few minutes,said thanks,had a little rest and then got back on our feet and then went off to play.

My sister and I straight away went back to the slide and played tiggy. It.It was pretty fun playing tiggy because sometimes when we climbed to the top we would just slip back down on the slide.We played tiggy for a long time but I think I was mostly in,because I was the one the mostly kept slipping down the slide.

After that long game we went to this place where there were lots of guns with these balls that you could shoot at people like bullets.In that area my target was geting my little sister.I got her alot of times.Pow in the back,pow in the shoulder and the other shoulder.I basically got her alot but at times I got my brother’s friend Danny,my brother and even my mum.But no one got hurt we just laughed alot.

Later I visited another slide but it was longer.So in my head I was very excited until I hopped onto it and SLI------,I stopped the slide wasn’t that slippery.Instead of sliding I just did a 2 flips and made my self slide down to the end but it was fun.I even decided to go again.

Soon after that we were called to come go home because Rabbit Q was closing plus it was pretty late.So we all went got some food,said thank you,then goodbye and went back with some delicious food.

At home we ate some pizza,left the other food for my dad and then went to sleep.I felt that Amira’s birthday was fun and cool because we played around a lot and we ate a lot of yum food.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Maths Magician

Today I did some more maths on Maths Magician.I decided to try something a little bit harder,my 9 times tables.I thought that I did great on my 9 times tables because I got a 100%.

Screenshot from 2015-07-08 21:22:57.png

The Doctors

On Tuesday my family went to the doctors after my dad was finished at work.We went to the doctors for a check up and some medications.

My Dad finished work at 1:00 pm and we were all ready to go.At the doctors my mum told the reception lady who was seeing the doctor and other information she had to give them.The rest of us joined the other people waiting and took a seat on the chairs.

While we were waiting for the doctors to call our name we just talked a little or played a game. But the talking and hand games got boring after a while so we sat silently and stared at the walls waiting for a doctor to call our names.  

A very long time later our names were finally called and we straight away we followed the doctor that called us.The Doctor firstly weighed us and then we each went up to tell her the problem or what we needed.My Mum and Tini went for a check up because she said they felt sick the week before.My mum also said she had a sore throat and asked the doctor if she could check her throat politely. My.My mum was luckily fine and the same went for Tini. My.My sister was then up but she just told the doctor she had a runny nose and was then given some medicine.All that I needed was some cream for my exzma and that was it.

After we were done at the doctors,we saw that it was starting to get dark.So we went to Pak N Save did a bit of shopping and then came home,had a shower then all went to bed.

I thought that going to the doctors was good but I felt really tired at the end of the day.

Maths Magician

Today I went back on to Maths Magician and tried my 8 timetables again.At the end of my maths magician test I realised that I had gotten better with my 8 timetables and ended the game with an outstanding %100.I thought that my session on Maths Magician was great for me today but I also think I did better because I was really focused.


Monday Morning

In the morning on Monday we all stayed home except for my dad,he had to go work.

While the rest of us were at home we got up out of our beds and did some cleaning.My sister did the dishes,my Mum and Fasi cleaned Fasi’s Room,I cleaned up the sitting room while my little brother Tini was playing with his toys.Most of us finished cleaning except for Mum and Fasi. Fasi’s room was really messy so I helped Fasi with folding the clothes on his bed and my mum vaccumed.A few minutes later we were soon finished with Fasi’s room and we were happy but my mum also told Fasi to keep his room clean in a serious tone.

When we were finally done with the cleaning my mum went to relax.The rest of us went to the sitting room and watched some movies while we waited for our dad to come home.That was pretty much most of the morning.

I felt that my morning was kind of busy but I was happy that everything was clean in the end.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Emperor's New Clothes

On Saturday my family went to the ASB show grounds and watched a play that was called ‘The Emperor's New Clothes’.

The play was about a selfish Emperor that loved nothing more than clothes and spent all his money on clothes.  When the Emperor ran out of money he would tax the people and use their money to  buy more clothes. But then suddenly these two bandits went to the Emperor and pretended to be tailors that did the best clothes.The bandits then lied about making amazing clothing, with their final design being nothing. But that whole time the bandits were pretending to do the Emperor’s clothing the Emperor just sat on a chair admiring himself in the mirror.The two tailors then lied some more to the Emperor by saying he  looked amazing but he really just looked like a suit-less emperor. Then the Emperor walked out into the world showing off his clothes, but then suddenly feeling ashamed and humiliated he realised he wasn't wearing a suit.The Emperor then really sad but then his wife came up to him and said “it’s not about what you wear or look like it’s about who you are” making the Emperor happy.

That was when everyone in the play were happy.In the end they all came together and sang “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga and finished the show off with all the characters bowing.

I felt that the show was great because it taught the audience taught you that you should

happy the way you are.
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