Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What Is Conduction

What Is Conduction
Conduction transfers heat or kinetic energy to one molecule to another through a substance and passes through the object.Heat can be transferred from one object to another.So conduction is to spread heat through something

Not all heat conduct through at the same speed or pace.Metal and stone are considered good conductors since it transfers heat very fast and quickly.Paper and cloth are poor conductors since they aren't as fast.(Eg) When you are mixing something hot and burning with a metal spoon the heat will be transferred through the spoon fast but if you use a wooden spoon it won’t transfer as fast as the metal spoon

If another object touches a metal object the energy conducts through the metal to the end.When hot air is locked up in an enclosed space or area the heat conducts around the space and keeps the space warm.If a metal rod is at a higher temperature the energy will conduct down the rod and the faster and quicker the speed is the high energy collides with the slower energy.You might not notice that metal is actually not freezing cold, it is really burning hot. The heat just conducts away from your hand so the heat is blowing away,causing your hand to be  cold.