Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Tamaki College

I am now an old student from Glenbrae School and am now a pupil that is proud to go to now go to Tamaki College.The year,2016, is almost done,and we are now on Term 4,finally having access to my blog again.But through this year I have met a lot new people,who have now become my friends and have learnt a lot of new things,which has helped me get through the year.But I now have made a new blog... Here's the Link Tauola's Blog

Friday, 20 November 2015

Financial Literacy

Today,on Friday 20th November 2015, Rachel from Financial Literacy came back to our class, but today we were learning about identity theft and how our identity is very important.

When Rachel was here she told us about forms of identification from the,government and others that aren't from the government.Forms of identification from the government were birth certificates,passports and your drivers licence while other forms that were non-government issued were student ID's,employee work ID's and a library card.

Then we talked about how people can steal your identity by knowing your date of birth,where you live and knowing your pin number and others.So we thought of some ways you could keep your identity safe which were

-Don't share it with anyone
-Put your ID in a safe
-Make sure you know where your ID is
-Don't share your pin ID
-Don't get pay wave

Once we were finished with that we were done with the programme and it was time for Rachel to go.

I thought that this session was very important and I learnt that I should keep my identity in a safe place and be careful with it.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Financial Literacy

Today on Wednesday 18th November 2015 we had a visit by an accountants,named Rachel.While Rachel was here she told us some important information about being creditworthy.She had told us that creditworthy is being a responsible person that borrows money or something and gives it back when they say.It is also about lending money or something to someone you know and trust,Not a stranger,you don't even know.But we were told,that sometimes things don't get returned back so you could sometimes lose your trust in that person.So we all thought of some ideas to gain trust which were
-Make more Frequent money
-Pay on Time
-Pay back extra
-Be Honest

Once we were done with saying some ideas we wrote down some people we could trust on a piece of paper and then our session was finished.

I thought that the session with Rachel was very important and this information could help me in the future.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Wellington Trip

On Wedenesday the 1st of October I found out that I was going on a trip to Wellington with my Grandparents and other family members.The other family members were my 2 older aunties,3 younger aunties and 3 older uncles.My great uncle, Basil, planned to go to Wellington to get some of   his family's stuff including his stuff.Uncle Basil,got a trailer and hired a van with 12 seats,for us to go to Wellington.

We started our road trip to Wellington at 10:00 pm,with me deciding to sit at the back,next to my 2 younger aunties.At the back I talked a bit with my aunties and made everyone laugh when my uncles and I did some funny jokes.

While we were going down to Wellington we had some pit stops to use the bathroom and slept sometimes on the way.Sometimes after we slept we would wake up again look outside and listen to music but then start telling jokes again.

We spent the whole night going to Wellington but made it to Wellington at 8:00 on Thursday.

I felt that going to Wellington was fun because I got to be with a lot of family members and thought my 2 uncles jokes were funny.

Coromandel Trip

On Wednesday 30th September 2015 my family took a 2 hour trip down to Coromandel with some friend's that asked us to come.The friends that led us to Coromandel were Martin,Feto and Feto's 3 kids.

We started our drive down to Coromadel at 8:00,after filling up the two cars with petrol.We got out of Auckland very quickly and started seeing alot of farms around.At the farms we saw a lot of cows and I think we even some brown bulls.

In maybe an hour we stopped at this place where we ate some breakfast since we didn't have any before we left.For breakfast we had sandwiches made by Martin and some bread my mum got from Baker's Delight.

After we ate we continued our drive until we reached a place in a Coromandel, called Karangahape.At Karangahape we saw a big,tall mountain in front of us immediately knowing that we were up for a long walk.We packed three pieces of fruit and some snacks in all our our bags,made sure we had water and wore a sun hat.

Before we started our walk, all us kids, were stopped by Martin and were told it's all about gold today.Martin then told us that Kangahape was a  factory where people worked with gold,that they found in mines,but got burnt down back in the days.We then walked across two wobbly bridges and started our journey up the mountain.

We firstly came across some really big steal,metal parts from the factory.The parts were old but at the same time looked like it was still good to use.We looked at the parts for a few minutes but then continued our walk.

After that we kept walking and came pass a shaft tunnel but found it was locked so we kept walking until we came across a mine cart.The mine cart was very big and was to transport gold from one place to another.The mine cart could even tilt so the gold the people found could slide out easily.But then we started walking again.

Our next stop was at a mine tunnel that we decided to go in once everyone was together and ready.In the tunnel we didn't find any gold,but only saw rocks and puddles of water.We walked on for a long time with a torch to be the only light to guide us.Sometimes we even came across dead ends and took another path.The tunnel seemed really dark and long and seemed to go on forever but we made it to the other side in the end.

We kept walking to this other place which wasn't really far,but only found that it was locked and so we stopped and had a little snack.But then we turned around and walked back into the mine tunnel and found our way back out.Finding our way back seemed easier and faster since there was only one path that went straight out.

Once we were done in the tunnel we kept walking up and made it to this really really ENORMOUS wall  which seemed to be the top of the whole factory.The wall was so big that the part we saw was only half of the wall.Around there we found this place where the workers cleaned the gold and separated it from the dirt and rocks stuck to it.

Soon after looking at that stuff we walked back to where we started, and ate some small lollies from Martin.We all then started walking again and went pass this river that had really clear water and made it to this very long,dark tunnel.The long dark tunnel was where a train use to run through.

We started our walk through the really long tunnel and came across some water leaking from the top and some gold liquid.I touched the gold liquid and it just stuck to my finger and looked at it and then tried wiping it off,on the wall.But what was funny,was that even though I tired wiping the gold stuff off I made it worse and added some black substance on top.So I decided to just leave it there and continue walking until we reached the end.

Then all of us walked on for a long time in the tunnel trying to scare each other by screaming loud and hearing our echos.We made to the end of the tunnel finally,but we were still not finished with our walk and had to go all the way back to the car park.

When we were finished at the tunnel we had a drink of water and continued our walk in the hot sun.When we were walking back I walked fast because I was kind of tired and hot from the burning sun.But not too long later I saw the bridge that we crossed and realised we were close to the carpark.

We were soon  near the bridge so I took a short cut,crossed the bridge and finally finished the walk.Everyone else behind me caught up a few seconds after and then all washed our hands for some lunch.

After we all then finished our lunch we took off and drove all the way back to Auckland.

I felt that it was cool that we got to go to Coromandel and thought that it was cool because I learnt a bit about the Karangahape Factory.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Shopping with Grandparents

Yesterday on Tuesday 29th September my Grandparents,my sister and I went shopping for some stuff for our school camp.

My Grandparents firstly took us to Dress-mart in Onehunga to get us some sport shoes from New Balance.We took a few minutes looking for some shoes but then finally chose our pairs we wanted.My sister chose one pair that had the colours purple and white,I chose one pair that had the colours white,blue and pink

Next we went looking for some sunglasses which didn't take long because only two shops down we found some sunglasses.The sunglasses we saw weren't very expensive so we bought some for my sister and grandma because I said I'd just borrow some.

After that we drove to the warehouse at Sylvia Park to look for some swim wear and some socks.My sister and I just picked some blue swim shorts and picked some white socks.Then my Grandpa brought our stuff,ended our shopping and then went home.

At home my sister and I thanked my Grandparents for buying us some stuff for camp.

I felt very happy that my Grandparents helped us to get our camp stuff and thought that it was very nice of them.

My Monday Afternoon

On Monday 28th September it was a nice sunny afternoon,while I was with my grandparents driving to shops walking in and out of looking for some oils.

At the shops we couldn't find anything and we started to get hungry,so my Grandpa drove his car straight to Macdonald's.My Grandpa order all three of us 2 big macs each,and then drove straight to Western Springs, to go and eat our lunch.

At Western Springs we were just walking to this area where nothing was in site,but then suddenly I see a rabbit hopping around.So I  walked a little bit closer to have a better look,but then it got scared and hopped away into a bush.I then turned around and then "Oh no!" a hungry chicken was running straight for me but luckily slowed down.

Soon we made it to our seats said a short prayer and ate our delicious food.But it was annoying, and funny at the same time knowing that the chicken came back with another chicken, and a few pukekos trying to take our food.One of the chickens even pecked my Grandma's napkin when she was just peacefully wiping her hands.

We all finished our burgers at the same time so I said thank you to my Grandpa and told him about seeing a rabbit.But right at that moment, we all suddenly stopped talking because on the other side of the park there were a lot of rabbits hopping around. We even saw a few little cute baby rabbits and some colourful birds flying around.

My Grandparents and I then walked closer to the animals and tried to get a better look,but just seemed to scare them away.Even though we scared them away I found out the hole that the rabbits were living in.So when I come back I'll know where they'd be hiding.

Not too long later we all walked back to the car and drove to Pak'n Save and bought some food and  looked for the oils my Grandpa needed,but couldn't find any.So we bought the food and went back to my Grandparents house.

We spent the rest of the day at my Grandparents waiting for my aunty Clare who was studying or at University with her friend.

I felt happy and thought that it was a nice day with my Grandparent,plus it was pretty cool seeing all the animals.