Sunday, 11 October 2015

Wellington Trip

On Wedenesday the 1st of October I found out that I was going on a trip to Wellington with my Grandparents and other family members.The other family members were my 2 older aunties,3 younger aunties and 3 older uncles.My great uncle, Basil, planned to go to Wellington to get some of   his family's stuff including his stuff.Uncle Basil,got a trailer and hired a van with 12 seats,for us to go to Wellington.

We started our road trip to Wellington at 10:00 pm,with me deciding to sit at the back,next to my 2 younger aunties.At the back I talked a bit with my aunties and made everyone laugh when my uncles and I did some funny jokes.

While we were going down to Wellington we had some pit stops to use the bathroom and slept sometimes on the way.Sometimes after we slept we would wake up again look outside and listen to music but then start telling jokes again.

We spent the whole night going to Wellington but made it to Wellington at 8:00 on Thursday.

I felt that going to Wellington was fun because I got to be with a lot of family members and thought my 2 uncles jokes were funny.

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