Friday, 28 June 2013

The Stranded Island
Once upon time there was a cruel person that abandoned a dog on an Stranded Island alone by itself or was it ,the dog started to sniff a scent of a human  so followed the track and came to a cave finding a man that has been  stuck on the island  for  10 years surviving  with fruits and other things found on the Island.
Later in the week they both went out searching for food  to eat then suddenly they came across bamboo sticks and  then an idea popped up  the dog’s head then gets the bamboo stick and pulls them together then the man gets the same idea then they start building a boat using strong vines and  bamboo. They tied the bamboo together using the strong vines.Soon they got tired and both went back to sleep in the cave but before the man went to sleep he said a little prayer   and then finished and said “ Goodnight “ to the dog and the dog replying back “Woof woof”.

The next day they got up early in the morning continuing their boat finding two more long bamboo sticks and strong bark from the tree to make paddles soon they had finished but then they had to find some food to eat on the way, plus the man decided to make a spear using a knife he found in the cave near where was left  to catch some fish on the way but they cooked the fish on the beach using sticks and rocks,  the dog got to make a fire and cook the fish. Soon the went to sleep and decided to go the next day in the morning.

In the morning they woke up and  took off by pushing the boat in the water the jumping on fast with the little dog in the man’s arms holding the dog close to his side while he paddles the right way.

Now they were on there way back to where they use to live well back to their home but took time like for a week they were at sea until suddenly they heard a like a noise that got louder and louder so they were looking everywhere but nothing then they looked up saw a helicopter so the dog started barking  and the man started waving his hands and yelling out “HELP” then the man pulled out the  knife he found in the cave and reflected the sunlight onto the helicopter man then the helicopter flew down and the helicopter man said in the speaker and it’s ok I can see now put the dog in the carrier things and pull the dog up while the man climbs on the ladder and then they were both safe in the helicopter then back to civilisation in the neighborhood in Kingsland.

Later on there lives were back to normal but the dog lived with the man that helped him and the man named the dog brave for being a brave dog that helped him. Then life went on while they were safe at home

The End
By Tauola.M

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